Submit (Songs of Submission #3) by CD Reiss

4.5 stars!

 photo submit collage.png

These books just keep getting better and better! I know I’m a bit late to the game with this series, but I am so glad I read them. They don’t fit the mold of a typical bdsm/erotica novel which I appreciate greatly. *Kicks self for not reading CD Reiss sooner*

Jonathan and Monica continue to navigate their relationship and the going has not been easy. A vindictive ex-wife and personal emotional issues stand in the way of them taking their relationship to the next step. Plus tragedy strikes and Monica realizes she may need to lean on Jonathan more than she originally wanted to. Monica also personally struggles with the notion that she is indeed a submissive; it brings on a plethora of fears and thoughts about what it means about herself, and the actions that will result of being dominated.

 photo submit couple.png

I loved reading Monica’s struggle, how she tried to see the difference between being submissive without being debased, a legitimate fear. Losing control is a huge issue for her based on bad past relationships where losing her control meant losing herself. I like how Jonathan stepped up in this book and was present in Monica’s life. A rock for her to lean on, someone to care about her wellbeing.

^^^And hats off to CD Reiss! I went from rating the first book 3 stars to rating the third book 5 stars. That doesn’t happen every day! A very talented author, I love this story she has to tell.


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