The Heir

The Heir (The Selection #4) by Kiera Cass

3.5 the ending is what saved the book for me stars

“I’m not sure anyone knows what they’re looking for until they find it.”

Who knew we’d be getting a fourth selection book? And after how “meh” the third book was, I’m surprised that I liked this one as much as I did. It started off on rocky ground for me, but picked up a lot of speed from the middle to the end of the book.

The Heir takes place about twenty years after The One and isthe bachelorette version of the story about the daughter of America and the Prince (who is now the King and whose name I have forgotten already). Eadlyn is an eighteen year old princess groomed from birth to become their nation’s Queen, but upheaval brought on by the dissolution of the castes threatens the monarchy. As a way to distract the people from their problems, another Selection is decided upon but this time it’s 35 men vying for the attention and love of a woman. Eadlyn has no intention of marrying, but in order to save her country she will take drastic measures. Like dating 35 men when she doesn’t want to. (Life’s rough).

“Didn’t they know who I was, what they’d trained me for? I was Eadlyn Schreave. No one was more powerful than me.
So if they thought I was going down without a fight, they were sadly mistaken.”

As I mentioned before this book had a very bad start for me. I found Eadlyn and her whiny, spoiled rotten attitude incredibly annoying and grating. Plus the pacing was fairly slow at the beginning and only began to pick up near the midway point. I had already forgotten most of the characters from the original trilogy because my brain just doesn’t have the storage capacity for that, so I was a bit fuzzy on the aunts and other important side characters.

I think the thing that saved this book for me was watching Eadlyn’s self realization that she needed to change in order to become a better ruler. Things she thought were funny didn’t translate that way, and meeting people from other backgrounds helped her to see how sheltered she was. In fact, I was fairly surprised she was such a snob, considering her parents seem like the type who wouldn’t put up with that shit, but I guess they were pushovers when raising her.

“I only have one heart, and I’m saving it.”

I also liked Eadlyn’s relationships with the different suitors, there’s not one clear of obvious choice among them who she’s going to choose. Obviously Kile, Henri, Hale and Erik are strong contenders, but that’s four dudes among lots of men and the author kept adding sweet moments with the other men as well. So props to Ms. Cass for keeping her cards hidden… for now.

The fact that this will be 2 books instead of 3 also appeals to me. I have always maintained that the original trilogy did not need to be 3 books, so I’m very glad they’re not stretching this spinoff for another 3 books. 2 seems perfect.

The one thing in the book that tipped the scales from 3 stars to 4 stars for me was the letter Eadlyn’s twin brother wrote her at the end. It brought actual tears to my eyes and I really want to see how their relationship progresses/hopefully mends in the next book. If a letter from brother to sister made me cry baby tearsfeel that emotional, the author did her job.

“There are some things you don’t learn about yourself until you let someone else into the most intimate places of your heart.”

Overall, a great guilty pleasure read that I enjoyed, but I cannot see myself recommending it very often as it would only suit readers who read and liked the original trilogy.


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