Aflame (Fall Away #4) by Penelope Douglas

3 stars

I’m not tagging my spoilers, so beware!!!

 photo aflame.png

I loved Bully, Until You and Rival by this author. The first three books in the series were everything I look for in New Adult books. When it was revealed that Jared leaves Tate at the end of Falling Away I was pretty surprised. Sure they were not the perfect couple, but they never were.

My biggest issue with this book is Jared never really had a good reason for leaving Tatum behind. Yes it was to find himself, but with the career he found he didn’t have to leave her behind and break up with her. I know the author needed to break them up in order to have this book, but I wanted something more believable.

My second issue. NOT ENOUGH GROVELING . It’s the reason I gave Bully a 4 and not a 5. Jared doesn’t work hard enough to get Tatum back and he does, easily. In fact, in this book, it literally takes her two days after two years of him being away to break up with her current boyfriend. I get that he wasn’t the one, but after the BS of Jared leaving her, I needed to see some on the knees begging on his end.

“I wanted her to love me again. I wanted her to say she was mine. And I didn’t want to have to bully her about it, either.”

Now I wanted to focus on the positive. I loved seeing how all of the characters in this series grow. Four years later and Madoc still makes me smile and giggle, Fallon is still awesome. Jax is no longer an ass (imo) and is great to Juliet. The addition of Jared’s little sister Quinn was such a sweet moment to read.

Overall I liked this book, but I honestly was okay with how things ended in Until You. Not to repeat myself but I felt like this book was unnecessary drama in order to create more plot.

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