A Midsummer’s Nightmare

A Midsummer’s Nightmare by Kody Keplinger

4 stars

“Anger was less painful than abandonment.”

 photo midsummers nightmare.png

It’s official, Kody Keplinger is awesome! I picked up this book after meeting the author and overheard her telling my friend Anna that this book was her favorite one that she’s written. So of course I had to read it and see why. While I didn’t love this as much as The DUFF, I can see why it would be special to her because this book packed quite a few emotional punches.

A Midsummer’s Nightmare starts off with the main character Whitley waking up after a one night stand at a graduation party. Whitley may fool around a bit, but it’s rare when she goes all the way with a guy, so when he expresses interest in getting to know her, she gets the heck out of there. Soon, Whitley is off to spend the summer with her dad, away from her toxic shit-talking mother and she’s incredibly excited to get some quality time with her dad. Instead, she discovers her father has a fiance she didn’t know about, and two soon to be step siblings. Even worse, the fiance’s son was her one night stand. Now what was supposed to be a fun summer is one navigating new people and relationships while her father just drops off the radar.

“I was supposed to be at the condo, wasting time on the beach, just Dad and me, figuring out college and my life and spending time together. Instead, I was in a new house with new people – including a future stepbrother who’d seen me naked.”

There’s something about the way Keplinger writes that just speaks to me, I can pick up her books and reading 100 pages in one sitting and not even blink an eye. I become engrossed in her stories and cannot get enough. Keplinger writes complicated and strong female characters with issues, just the way I like my heroines. Whitley was a great example of how much being a child of divorce can fuck someone up, and she had trouble trusting anyone around her because she learned to never rely on anyone, that they just let you down.

One of my favorite parts of the story was the tentative sisterly relationship between Whitley and Bailey. It’s so beyond obvious that Bailey adores Whitley, even though Whitley’s a total bitch to her. But I loved seeing Bailey slowly break down Whitley’s walls and worm her way into a friendship. Their dynamic was so fun to watch, the good girl looking up to the bad girl.

“Go take out the trash, Potty Mouth.’
She laughed and headed into the kitchen. ‘Pissed!’ she shouted as she walked through the dining room. ‘Shit! Damn!”

Nathan was also a decent book boyfriend. Not as great as Wesley, but he was there for Whitley when she needed him, and he saw through all of the walls she had built and saw her for her true self. And he genuinely cared about her, whether they were step-siblings, friends or more. That’s a keeper right there.

And Whitley’s parents were fucking awful! I mean, the majority of the angst in this book came from the fact that her parents were selfish assholes who only cared about themselves and never factored in how they were affecting their daughter. UGH! They made me so mad!!!

A great, angsty young adult book for those of you out there who want to be absorbed into a story. It kind of reminded me of YA Tijan, just without all the weird political BS.


Quintessentially Q

Quintessentially Q (Monsters in the Dark #2) by Pepper Winters

5 sparrow stars

“Fly away, esclave, if that is what you want. I won’t stop you.”

^^Me while reading this book.

Well, it’s clear that Pepper Winters is a fear of ripping hearts out and stomping all over them. There were so many goddamn feels packed into this book I may need a Xanax.

 photo quin q collage.png

Quintessentially Q takes place four days after Tess has returned to Quincy in France. The two of them are learning to trust each other and navigating their way through a new relationship for them both. I, as sick minded as I am, found it hilarious that Q’s biggest fear was literally fucking Tess to death. He had nightmares about it! And here I am giggling to myself, thinking that he’s the real life version of Edward Cullen (the only resemblance being that sparkle boy was also afraid of fucking his girl to death). But this is where the funny part ends because Pepper Winters certainly threw me for a loop with this book.

“You’re my obsession, I’m your possession You own the deepest part of me You crawled into the darkness, set my monster free So scream, bleed, call out to me But never say stop, never flee.”

The beginning of the book started off slow with a lot of steam but not a lot of tangible plot. This alll changed very quickly with one incident so unreal I actually thought I was reading a nightmare dream sequence… except that character never woke up. I cannot say any more, you just have to read it, but I am eating my words when I said in my review of book 1 that it wasn’t as dark as I expected. Because Pepper Winters brought on the fucking dark in this book.

“I’d kill for you, Tess. I have killed for you. Don’t undermine me by fearing others. Fear me. Let me rule you!”

Once the plot got moving I loved every second of the story. Tess for being as strong as she could be, and Q for doing anything in the world for the woman he loved. These two are a couple made for each other and while it made me a bit squeamish at times, while it broke my heart at times, ultimately I loved watching their journey and love for each other unfold.

After reading this book, I needed to go to a happy place. I literally wished I didn’t have feelings while reading this book. So I put the kindle down and went and hugged my dogs. That’s how dark this book is, you will literally need to go and hold a form of happiness after reading it!! Enjoy 🙂

Tears of Tess

Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark #1) by Pepper Winters


4 esclave stars!

“Monsters find each other in the dark.”

 photo tears of tess.png

This is one of those books where I am kicking myself for not having read it already. To be fair, it’s a dark one and I was afraid of it going in. But surprisingly, I expected it to be a lot darker than it was so I was very happy that I could read this book without freaking out (at least, as much as I expected to).

Tears of Tess is about Tess, who goes on a surprise trip to Cancun, Mexico from Australia with her boyfriend Brax. The two of them have been together for two years and while she loves him, Tess is a little underwhelmed in the bedroom department. She wants more excitement, more passion, more than just flat on her back. Having trouble communicating this, the couple just sort of avoids the elephant in the room. It’s while they are out being tourists that Tess is taken, kidnapped and sold into the sex trade.

Tess finds herself as the new property of Q, a terrifying yet handsome Frenchman. Yet as much as Tess hates Q for who he is and what he represents, he is the only man who has ever been able to give her what she yearns for, and it brings her an immense amount of shame. As time goes by Tess is bewildered by his behavior and struggles with guilt over her feelings for Q and her devotion to Brax.

“I hadn’t gone Stockholmy- I hated him, knew what he did was wrong, but my body, shit, my body didn’t care.”

This is one of the few dark novels where I have genuinely ended up liking the antihero. He wasn’t perfect, but he never cast blame on Tess for the situation she was in. In other dark novels, the guy always finds a way to wriggle himself out of the blame, and Q never did this. Q admitted what he was, a monster, but he took care of Tess in any way he was able to. Was her experience in his home all sunshine and rainbows? No, but it could have been much, much worse.

Ms. Winters is a great author because she threw the reader a curve ball and made them rethink everything they had previously read, and look at the facts in a new light. I literally read this book in one sitting because I was so riveted by the story I was reading. It’s always so darn amazing to find a book like this, that captures your attention and doesn’t let go until it’s over.

“Only think of me and what I’m doing. There is intimacy in pain esclave. Let me make your pain my pleasure.”


So why not a perfect 5 stars? –> I really took issue with the knife rape scene with the Russian and how Q had let him get that far. I was feeling the same way Tess was after when she realized as her master he was supposed to protect her and he didn’t, he turned away. I also took issue with the rape scene, I felt it was a blatant “see, it COULD be worse!” addition to the story to make Q look better when it wasn’t needed. It wasn’t needed because we found out later he was rescuing all of these girls, so he was in fact already a good guy.

The Heir

The Heir (The Selection #4) by Kiera Cass

3.5 the ending is what saved the book for me stars

“I’m not sure anyone knows what they’re looking for until they find it.”

Who knew we’d be getting a fourth selection book? And after how “meh” the third book was, I’m surprised that I liked this one as much as I did. It started off on rocky ground for me, but picked up a lot of speed from the middle to the end of the book.

The Heir takes place about twenty years after The One and isthe bachelorette version of the story about the daughter of America and the Prince (who is now the King and whose name I have forgotten already). Eadlyn is an eighteen year old princess groomed from birth to become their nation’s Queen, but upheaval brought on by the dissolution of the castes threatens the monarchy. As a way to distract the people from their problems, another Selection is decided upon but this time it’s 35 men vying for the attention and love of a woman. Eadlyn has no intention of marrying, but in order to save her country she will take drastic measures. Like dating 35 men when she doesn’t want to. (Life’s rough).

“Didn’t they know who I was, what they’d trained me for? I was Eadlyn Schreave. No one was more powerful than me.
So if they thought I was going down without a fight, they were sadly mistaken.”

As I mentioned before this book had a very bad start for me. I found Eadlyn and her whiny, spoiled rotten attitude incredibly annoying and grating. Plus the pacing was fairly slow at the beginning and only began to pick up near the midway point. I had already forgotten most of the characters from the original trilogy because my brain just doesn’t have the storage capacity for that, so I was a bit fuzzy on the aunts and other important side characters.

I think the thing that saved this book for me was watching Eadlyn’s self realization that she needed to change in order to become a better ruler. Things she thought were funny didn’t translate that way, and meeting people from other backgrounds helped her to see how sheltered she was. In fact, I was fairly surprised she was such a snob, considering her parents seem like the type who wouldn’t put up with that shit, but I guess they were pushovers when raising her.

“I only have one heart, and I’m saving it.”

I also liked Eadlyn’s relationships with the different suitors, there’s not one clear of obvious choice among them who she’s going to choose. Obviously Kile, Henri, Hale and Erik are strong contenders, but that’s four dudes among lots of men and the author kept adding sweet moments with the other men as well. So props to Ms. Cass for keeping her cards hidden… for now.

The fact that this will be 2 books instead of 3 also appeals to me. I have always maintained that the original trilogy did not need to be 3 books, so I’m very glad they’re not stretching this spinoff for another 3 books. 2 seems perfect.

The one thing in the book that tipped the scales from 3 stars to 4 stars for me was the letter Eadlyn’s twin brother wrote her at the end. It brought actual tears to my eyes and I really want to see how their relationship progresses/hopefully mends in the next book. If a letter from brother to sister made me cry baby tearsfeel that emotional, the author did her job.

“There are some things you don’t learn about yourself until you let someone else into the most intimate places of your heart.”

Overall, a great guilty pleasure read that I enjoyed, but I cannot see myself recommending it very often as it would only suit readers who read and liked the original trilogy.

Red Queen

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

3.5 stars 
“Rise, red as the dawn.”

***As I always say 3 stars is not a bad rating. It means I liked the book! I just didn’t love it. And believe me, this is a strong 3 stars!***

Mare Barrow is a red blooded woman living near the bottom of her society. Reds live below the silver bloods, those who are better than the reds because of the color of their blood and their special abilities. Getting by as a pickpocket, Mare is certainly doomed as she nears the age of conscription. On a chance meeting outside a tavern, Mare obtains a job at the palace as a serving girl. It’s there that she discovers, in front of a rather large crowd, that she has special abilities of her own. Now thrown into a world where she doesn’t belong, Mare but pretend to be a silver in order to survive.

 photo pagebreak.png

I think I went into this book with my expectations too high. While I enjoyed it, I wasn’t blown away by it. In fact, most of the giant plot twists I pretty much saw coming. The best part for me was watching everything unravel around Mare and how she kept getting sucked into important political plots when all she wanted to do was survive.

The concept of the book was very cool, it reminded me a bit of the idea of blue blood, definition “Comes from the medieval belief that aristocratic blood was blue. Usually used talking about nobility and royal family members” . Instead of the color of one’s skin, people are separated into classes by the color of their blood. The author also added the bit that silver bloods had abilities, giving them even more visible and obvious power and strength than the red bloods.

It’s hard for me to explain why I didn’t love this book. I really didn’t care for Mare’s indecisiveness between Cal and Maven, her treatment of those around her such as her guard Lucas and her maids (not that she was mean but she ignored them). There were so many things I felt went into detail but others were rushed. Again, I’m probably doing a horrible job of explaining it. There was something missing for me, but I cannot put my finger on it.

But overall as I said, I enjoyed this book and will definitely be reading future books by this author as I think she has a huge amount of talent and potential.

End of Days

End of Days (Penryn & the End of Days #3) by Susan Ee

4 stars

“Power is best held by the ones who don’t want it.”

Got it? Okay.

Not going to lie, I am a tiny bit disappointed in this book. Basically I’m giving 4 stars for the plot, pacing and the fact that it wasn’t a total letdown like some young adult series, but I felt there was a lot that was skimmed over or not used to its full potential.

-Obi: Started out as a strong character in Angelfall and was just killed off for what felt like pure convenience on the author’s part in this book.

-The Watchers: where the fuck were these guys the entire series? They were fucking awesome! I’m sad we didn’t get more, the author told us their story and then was like “yeah, I guess they’ll stick around in the background for the rest of the book”.

-The resolution and epilogue:

Like seriously? That’s ALL we get for the romance of Raffe and Penryn? I wanted more! Not 3 kisses and a fucking smile at the end!!!

^^^Okay, had to get these things off of my chest. Here’s what rocked about this book and had me giving it 4 stars:

-Penryn’s mom: Did we ever get her name? That’d be cool to know. Anyways the mom is crazy as usual but instead of it being a burden it becomes such an asset in this book. Her “punishment” for the cult people? It was damn funny what she said. I’m glad that in this book she proves she really does love both of her daughters.

-Paige’s resolution: It was a huge concern what would become of Paige. I like that she evolved from a helpless victim in the first book into a strong warrior girl who protects her own. She may never be normal, but she’ll have a good life surrounded by those who love her or are loyal to her.

-Dee and Dum: These guys, they never fail to bring a smile to my face. I can totally see them ruling the world one day.

-Beliel: his was the most tragic and best part of the story for me. Finding out how he had been wronged and was just an angel who fell in love, it’s easy to see how he followed the path he did. I felt really damn bad for him, he was always alone. I wanted Susan Ee to give him a happy ending.

-The action and pacing: I was enthralled while reading the book and there was not one moment when I wanted to put it down. That’s just Susan Ee. She’s a fantastic author with a slightly twisted mind and I love it!!

Anyways, thanks for reading my rant review. I hope you take a chance on this series!

World After

World After (Penryn & the End of Days #2) by Susan Ee

4 creepy stars

“It’s amazing how many times we need to go against our survival instincts to survive.”

 photo world after collage.png

This book. Oh my god this book. I spent a part of it freaked out, another part grossed out and a third part of it I was heartwarmed. How does Susan Ee do this? Is she a brilliant author mastermind?

I remember when this book was released I got it in the mail from amazon and I ripped open the package and started reading right away, because I had to know Raffe’s reaction when he saw Penryn again. But Raffe wasn’t in the beginning. Then I started skimming and he wasn’t in the middle. I kept flipping the pages and went to the ending and there he was! The last 20% or so of the book he appears. In a fit of rage I put the book down and didn’t pick it up again until now. And I’m glad I waited, because it gave me time to appreciate what was happening at the beginning of the book in a way I know I wouldn’t have appreciated (basically I would have skimmed).

World After picks up directly after the ending of Angelfall. Penryn and her family are with the resistance and things are not going very well. Paige looks like a disturbing demon frankenstein baby and is having trouble keeping down food. Penryn’s mother is as cray-cray as ever, and it’s up to Penryn to keep them all alive (as per usual).

“I’m fine, Mom. Thanks for asking.”
“Of course you’re fine. You’re the devil’s bride and these are his creatures.”
“I’m not the devil’s bride.”
“He carried you out of the fire and is letting you visit us from the dead. Who else would have those privileges except his bride?”

Soon catastrophe strikes and Paige is separated from her family again. Penryn, her mother and a woman named Clara all leave the resistance together to go find her, and find up becoming trapped on the island of Alcatraz.

This book was captivating, even if at times the descriptions made me feel sick. The new world that was created after the angel strike is such a harsh and sinister one, survival of the fittest and every man for himself. I was particularly creeped out by the scorpion creatures, how they were made and what they ate. Yuck.

I was surprised by how much of the book I enjoyed without Raffe, Penryn on her own just showed the reader how strong and determined she is, how she’ll do anything to save her younger sister even if she is a little bit frightened of her. It was also a compelling glimpse at what humanity looks like when put in extreme conditions together.

Overall a great middle book for a trilogy, but it was a little too dark and twisted for me to give it a full five stars. But that’s just personal preference.

“You’re naming your collector’s-item, kick-ass sword that’s made to maim and kill, specifically designed to bring your ginormous enemies to their knees and hear the lamentation of their women-Pooky Bear?”
“Yeah, you like it?”


Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1) by Susan Ee

First read: 5 stars!
Reread: 4.5 stars!

“My friends call me Wrath. My enemies call me Please Have Mercy. What’s your name?”

So the third book is finally released and I decided to reread the first book so I could binge read the entire series. Small thank you to Tim for making me read this book back when it came out, I know to listen to your recommendations now.

Angelfall takes place in post-apocalyptic central California in the middle of the Silicon Valley where Penryn is doing her best to keep her sister Paige, and her mom alive.

 photo post apoc.png

Angels have come down from heaven, and they weren’t the good guys. In fact, they decimated much of humanity and its cities. While trying to find shelter Penryn and her family come across a group of angels in a fight and watch as an angel gets his wings cut off. The group of angels take off with Paige and Penryn is left alone with the dying angel.

“Why were the other angels attacking you?”
“It’s impolite to ask the victim of violence what they did to be attacked.”

The angel’s name is Raffe and he and Penryn end up teaming together out of necessity, Raffe so he can get his wings sewn back on and Penryn so she can get her sister back.

 photo feather.png

I loved this book the first time I read it and enjoyed it immensely the second time around. Penryn is such a strong female character and the way she deals with obstacles with such determination is amazing. Seriously, she needs to get her sister and deal with an angry angel and her crazy mom popping in all the time? If that were me, I’d need to be medicated from the stress.

The worldbuilding in this book was amazing. The author puts the reader right in the thick of it with a decent explanation and just picks up from there. The author thought of everything that might happen in a situation like this from rebel camps to street gangs to creatures in the scary woods. I myself felt like this world was real when reading it.

And Raffe. Oh Raffe. I hate the way your name is pronounced because it reminds me of the guy who sings children’s songs (if you haven’t heard of Raffi find him on youtube). But the name Raffe is the only thing I don’t like otherwise the character is amazeballs. Fallen angel with a dry sense of humor? And he’s loyal? And he’s hot? And he does his best to protect Penryn in his own way? Raffe, you have earned a spot on my book boyfriends shelf.

Lastly, my favorite part of the whole book? The ending. Those of you who have read this book know what I mean. The anguish, the despair. I. EAT. THAT. SHIT. UP.

So if you haven’t read this series, now is the time. It’s fantastic and all of the books are out. So go and binge read already!!!!

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A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

5 stars!!!

Going into this book I had no clue it was a different take on the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. In fact, I basically went into this book blind because I wanted to have a clean slate going in. This author has such a way with words, on the page they are lyrical and evoke such emotion from the reader. The fantasy genre has always been close to my heart, and in Sarah J. Maas I have found an amazing author whose books I can always turn to when I want something spectacular to read.

 photo wolf.png

Feyre and her family have fallen from nobility to peasants as the result of bad business decisions from her father. Motherless, Feyre has taken it upon herself to hunt for food for her father and two older sisters, even if she is underappreciated. One day while out in the woods, Feyre encounters a wolf and kills it. She skins it’s coat and sells it in the village the next day. Very soon a furious Fae appears at her family’s door and demands payment for the death of his friend. Feyre is to choose: death or to return with the Fae to his lands and remain there for the rest of her life. She chooses the later and is immediately brought to the fae realm to the Spring Court.

 photo masked man.png

Once they reach the court and the fae resumes his more human form, Feyre sees that all of the fae in the Spring Court wear masquerade masks. Left with not much to do, Feyre worries for her family who she will never see again. Feyre also gets to know more about the fae who took her, Tamlin and his friend Lucien.

“My priority would be to protect my family — and I would have picked whatever side could keep them safest. I hadn’t thought of it as a weakness until now.”

As I said before, I love the way this author writes. From the first chapter I was completely absorbed in the story and didn’t want to put the book down. Maas’s strong points lay in her ability to shape characters and character relationships. I loved seeing Feyre’s development as she tried to think for herself and what she wanted versus the obligations she felt pulling at her. The romance with Tamlin was slow building and I love every minute of it. Even her friendship with Lucien with its snarky comments and banter was so much fun to read. Maas is just amazing at the dynamics involved with two people getting to know each other, whether it be romance, friendship or just a mutual respect. It’s why I keep coming back to her books and will continue to do so in the future.

(My casting for Feyre):
 photo feyre.png

Beauty and the Beast is a favorite fairy tale of mine and so I was intrigued by this author’s version of it. There are similar elements to the original story and other elements that aren’t. She did a great job of taking a well known story and making it her own without ruining it. The second half of the book was a very different take and that’s where most of the books action comes in.

Best part about this book? No cliffhangers at the end. Sure, this story will continue, but I won’t be ripping my hair out in want of another book. I also wanted to point out (and I’ve already done this for other books by this author), these books do not read as YA for me at all. It reads like adult fantasy. So don’t pigeonhole this book based on what you think it may be, because it’s so much more.

A beautiful story and gorgeously written, I highly recommend this book to other readers who enjoy fantasy and great character development.


Aflame (Fall Away #4) by Penelope Douglas

3 stars

I’m not tagging my spoilers, so beware!!!

 photo aflame.png

I loved Bully, Until You and Rival by this author. The first three books in the series were everything I look for in New Adult books. When it was revealed that Jared leaves Tate at the end of Falling Away I was pretty surprised. Sure they were not the perfect couple, but they never were.

My biggest issue with this book is Jared never really had a good reason for leaving Tatum behind. Yes it was to find himself, but with the career he found he didn’t have to leave her behind and break up with her. I know the author needed to break them up in order to have this book, but I wanted something more believable.

My second issue. NOT ENOUGH GROVELING . It’s the reason I gave Bully a 4 and not a 5. Jared doesn’t work hard enough to get Tatum back and he does, easily. In fact, in this book, it literally takes her two days after two years of him being away to break up with her current boyfriend. I get that he wasn’t the one, but after the BS of Jared leaving her, I needed to see some on the knees begging on his end.

“I wanted her to love me again. I wanted her to say she was mine. And I didn’t want to have to bully her about it, either.”

Now I wanted to focus on the positive. I loved seeing how all of the characters in this series grow. Four years later and Madoc still makes me smile and giggle, Fallon is still awesome. Jax is no longer an ass (imo) and is great to Juliet. The addition of Jared’s little sister Quinn was such a sweet moment to read.

Overall I liked this book, but I honestly was okay with how things ended in Until You. Not to repeat myself but I felt like this book was unnecessary drama in order to create more plot.

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Rival (Fall Away #2) by Penelope Douglas

4.5 stars!

“You’ve always wanted me. You know why? Because I don’t try to kill your demons. I run with them.”

 photo rival.png

There is just something about the way Penelope Douglas writes, that when I pick up one of her books I cannot put it down! There were so many mixed reviews from friends on this book that I had been avoiding it. But when I saw Tate and Jared got another book I decided to play catch up and believe me am I glad I did!

Drama. Angst. Love. Hate. Fear.

Fallon and Madoc have been stepsiblings that tolerate each other at best. When they’re sixteen it developed into something different and the two got along. Until the day Fallon disappeared and Madoc’s parents wouldn’t say where she went.

Now, two years later Fallon is back. No explanations, just invading Madoc’s home, being chatty with his friends, and basically being a tease. And Madoc is pissed. What he doesn’t know is there’s more to the story. Much more. But is he willing to listen?

“Sometimes I wore smiles but didn’t feel them. Sometimes I felt them and didn’t wear them. I didn’t want her to know how much I craved this. I bit my bottom lip.”

Bully was a read that was incredibly thought provoking for me, and it teetered on the edge of young adult. Rival is all out romance from the start. It got steamy 25% in (yay!) and remained so throughout the rest of the book. This book had all the things I love in a romance: angst, betrayal, and forgiveness. Sure I got a bit tired of the off and on between Fallon and Madoc, but when they made their choices, they remained faithful to one another, which I loved.

One reason I think I loved this book so much… it reminded me of old school Tijan books. The one’s I love. Obviously not exactly the same, but teens with completely fucked up parents and revenge scenarios? Broken and Screwed anyone? Jaded? It was like coming home reading this book. I devoured it.

I also loved the side characters. We got a little bit of Tate and Jared (although most of what they did was screw each off screen but still). We got to get to know Jax, Jared’s little brother some more. I really liked his sly ways. That guy’s a sneaker fucker and it was AWESOME.

Anyways, enough gushing on my end. I can see how this wouldn’t be for everyone, it’s a little bit OTT but it really worked for me. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

“But breaking was beautiful. It hurt, and it was an uphill climb back to sanity, but you came back stronger, fiercer, and more solid than you were before.”

Broken Juliet

Broken Juliet (Starcrossed #2) by Leisa Rayven

4.5 stars!

 photo badromeo.png

Note: This is the follow up book to Bad Romeo.

Continuing where the first book left off, we get to see the end of Cassie and Ethan’s relationship in the past and the continuation of it in the present. Ethan has sorted through all of his past issues and is hoping Cassie will confront her current ones.

I loved that we finally got to see the big reason behind the past breakup and it was easier to understand why Cassie has so many reservations about getting involved with Ethan again. He basically crushed her heart twice and is coming back and asking for third times a charm. The only thing I would have liked more in this aspect of the book would be more information of her life after the breakup. It’s pretty much awful breakup and then present, so her development into her current self would have been interesting. I don’t mind more chapters! 😉

Reading this book, between past and present Ethan was like reading two completely different characters. He regretted his past, and changed into a better man for Cassie. It was amazing to see his development from tortured soul into a good man. I loved how Ethan fought for Cassie, he stuck to his guns and was going to prove no matter what that he was going to stay this time. That he wanted to make Cassie happy and spend his life with her.

I will say this was so freaking angsty even I had to take a break and put this book down a few times. And I eat up angst like I’m the freakin cookie monster and angst is the best batch of chocolate chip. So pop your valium before cracking this one!!

At this point, I will be reading/buying anything this author produces in the future, her books are the perfect angsty reads for me.

**arc provided in exchange for an honest review**