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Deep (Stage Dive #4) by Kylie Scott

4 stars!

These books are hands down my favorite rock star series! I’m so bummed it’s over.

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This last installment (cries) is the story of the Stage Dive bass player Ben and Mal’s sister-in-law Lizzy. Lizzy is a young college student who worked hard to get where she is at, along with her sister Anne’s help. When Anne and Mal began seeing each other, Lizzy met Ben and developed an immediate crush on him. Ben has been warned away from Lizzy by Mal, but this doesn’t stop Lizzy from pursuing Ben on her own. Obtaining his cell phone number, Lizzy and Ben strike up a friendly rapport, with sexual tension in the subtext, but Ben insists that they must remain friends. Over time, feelings develop and grow stronger until one night between them changes everything.

This book begins with Lizzy discovering she is pregnant, and shows us their story in flashbacks. Once Ben discovers he is about to be a father he completely freaks out, claiming that he never expected to have a family and that he was too ingrained in the rock and roll lifestyle to be a good father. Lizzy, having chased him around for months doesn’t expect much from Ben, but hopes that he can open himself up to her. Ben invites Lizzy on tour with him so she can be near while she’s pregnant, but it leads to uncomfortable situations for everyone.

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I love the Stage Dive series. Kylie Scott has done an amazing job as an author delivering to us original, unique stories with different plot lines in each installment. Lick was very serious and angsty, Play was funny and playful, Lead was about fighting your demons, and Deep is about accepting what comes to you and knowing you deserve to be loved.

I honestly love the books the most in the order in which they were released. First book is my favorite and so on, making Deep my least favorite of the series, but still a fantastic ending for these characters. I guess the reason I didn’t love it as much as the others was I had a difficult time with Ben and where he was coming from. There was so much frickin whiplash from him towards Lizzy and there were times I wanted to reach in the book, smack him and tell him to wake up and see the amazing woman he landed! Lizzy is what saved their romance for me because she saw Ben for who he was, and she never wanted to change him. She just wanted a spot in his life and to love him for him.

I loved that we got a taste of all of the couple in this one, like Jimmy and Lena and a glimpse at their future. Anne being the sister meant that we got a bit more Mal in this book (yay!!!), and a little bit of Eve and David too. There was a surprise plot bomb dropped in this book was Martha, and I’d really like to get some answers on that! Maybe a novella or a spin off book please? I also wished this book was longer than it was. But maybe I’m just selfish.

**Arc was provided in exchange for an honest review**


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