Consequences by Aleatha Romig

4 stars!

Consequences is one of those books that has been sitting on my kindle for years, and I always meant to read it but you know how it is. I see another book and I’m like:

Anyways after my girlie Jasmine told me about her love for it, and after meeting this lovely author 3 times, and now that I’m not as afraid of dark books anymore (that’s a lie I’m still scared), I decided to crack this one open. And you know what? I could not put this book back down! No kidding, I pretty much read straight through, sneaking peeks on my kindle app while at a theme park, reading in the passenger seat of a car, sneaking more peeks at the app while I was supposed to be visiting my grandmother (sorry grandma!). I honestly didn’t stop until I was done.

Let me give you some of the plot. Claire wakes up in a strange, luxurious bedroom with fuzzy memories as to how she got there. Once the fog clears, she realizes she was abducted and brought here, and the man who did so has already done horrible things. Claire has entered into a contract with Anthony Rawlings, in which he will clear her debt and in return she will do anything he wants.

I don’t want to give much away in terms of plot, this really is one of those books where the less you know the better. I will say at 45% in, this was me:

The rest of the time you couldn’t get the book out of my hands or get my undivided attention. I was enraptured by this story and these complicated characters.

My only complaint was from about 60-80% marks in the book, there seemed to be excessive descriptions of things, almost like a Kristen Ashley novel, you know with the clothing and furniture? But I am going to assume maybe all of that will become important later? It didn’t bug me that much, but it’s probably why I can’t give this book a 5 star rating.

Here are all of my reactions to the ending, pretty much in this order:

And then I just picture nice, sweet Aleatha Romig making this face when finishing the book:


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