One Love

One Love (Gypsy Brothers #7) by Lili St. Germain

***Note: This is a review for the ENTIRE Gypsy Brothers series, minor spoilers ahead for those who have not read them yet and I will not be tagging them. So don’t read this review if you don’t want to be spoiled.***

 photo one love.png

Wow, this series was quite the journey. There were moments like this:

And then moments like this:

But overall, this was me while reading all of the books:

When Julz was fifteen years old, she was betrayed by a man she thought was family and his sons. They raped her and almost killed her, and she only escaped with the help of a young cop who faked her death. Six years later, Julz decides it’s time for revenge, and heads out of the country for plastic surgery to look like a new girl.

She heads back to the Gypsy Sons compound where she auditions with the man who ruined her life, Dornan. Very quickly Dornan becomes obsessed with Julz, who he knows as Sammi, and Julz finds herself in too deep. Julz also faces another problem, Dornan’s younger son Jase, her childhood love is also in the compound, and his presence ignites old feelings once buried.

 photo pagebreak.png

I found this series to be thrilling, shocking and enthralling. There is nothing quite like a revenge tale, and I loved reading about Julz killing off a bunch of the men who raped her. She is such a strong and believable character, mostly because even though she constantly has doubts about what she’s doing, she follows through with getting it done. I would have liked a bit more backstory on her relationship with Eliott and Jase, a little more on the connection and history she shared with them would have made it easier to see why they fought so hard to help her and keep her alive, but St. Germain did a good job of making the reader believe the romance without a lot of backstory (or to clarify, as much as I would like).

Dornan was fucking crazy. Just when I thought he couldn’t get more demented, he brought out more of his inner psycho. Like stabbing a girl in the leg while giving her oral sex? Then all of the torture scenes in book 5? I seriously thought I was going to ralph when I read the parts about knives making sucking noises in chests. Ugh. But you know what? He made a fantastic villain was the guy you love to hate.

I don’t really have a strong opinion on Jase or Elliot, to me they were background for the plot, but I love that Julz got some version of a happy ending with one of them at the end of the journey.

Thank you to Lili St. Germain, you are the author that made me enjoy dark and twisted books. Until now I haven’t really cared for them, but now I’m willing to broaden my reading horizons.

Series rating a 4.28 stars after averaging the ratings from all 7 books


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