The Virgin

The Virgin (The Original Sinners: The White Years #3) by Tiffany Reisz

4.5 stars rounded up

This is the book we were all waiting for.

 photo the virgin.png

This is the missing year, the one always mentioned but never described in detail. The book begins in a Scottish castle, the night before a wedding, and an obsession with kilts…

Tiffany Reisz is an author who knows how to suck her readers into a story. We start with the story of how Nora left Soren, but without the reason why. Heartbroken, she turns to her mother and the convent in which she resides, and the nuns take her in. There, she meets a young nun in training Kyrie, and the two form a friendship.

Meanwhile, Kingsley is in Haiti where he meets the bewitching Juliette and learns about her tragic life. The two embark on a love affair but there are too many obstacles to stay together.

I honestly preferred Nora’s parts more, not really the scenes between her and Kyrie, but the flashbacks with her and Soren. They were my favorite part of this book, the good memories and the bad ones. Their love for each other is beautiful, and both would go to great lengths to do what they think is best for the other.

The story of Nora and Kyrie’s romance was very sweet. There are F/F scenes in this book, which didn’t bother me, but if it’s not your thing these parts of the books may not be for you. Their romance was doomed from the start but it served a greater purpose: it showed Nora her calling.

“You’re not a real king. And I’m not a princess in a tower. He’s not a dragon. We’re real people and a sword’s not going to solve this problem.”

I’m in the minority in my next opinion; I didn’t care much for the Kingsley and Juliette story. Maybe because I am team Kingsley/Soren? I honestly did not see any real connection that bonded K & J other than desire for each other. I did love how their relationship made King a better man, but I could take or leave Juliette in any of the books.

It’s amazing to me how the journey of these characters through these 7 books has changed my perspective of them. In The Siren, I didn’t like Soren. Now, I can’t get enough of the guy and wish there was more of him in this book. We got Nora’s side to the year apart, and now I really wish we could get Soren’s point of view. I want to know his thoughts and why he did what he did.

Overall I adored this book. Was so glad to finally get some answers to questions we’ve all been asking since book 1. Cannot wait for the final one!

Thanks to Jasmine and Allison for the wonderful buddy read!!

***ARC courtesy of Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***


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