Soaring (Magdalene #2) by Kristen Ashley

4.25 Soaring stars! 
 photo Soaring.png

Heiress Amelia Hathaway has recently moved to Maine after following her ex husband, her children, and their new stepmom there. You see, Amelia’s husband left her after almost twenty years of happy marriage for the woman he was cheating on her with. And Amelia? Well, she:

But wouldn’t you? After all those years of happiness thrown away by a woman 15 years younger than you? Well unfortunately, Amelia lost her shit and dragged her kids into it, which then turned them against her. Now, Amelia is working on getting herself back together, and getting her kids back.

Mickey is Amelia’s new neighbor. He’s a volunteer fireman and works in construction. Divorced with 2 kids (like Amelia), he’s for lack of a better word, hot. And its because of this that Amelia wants Mickey to learn nothing of her past horrible behavior and does her best to stay away from him. But we all know this book wouldn’t be 600+ pages if that were the case.

 photo pagebreak.png

I really, really enjoyed this book. Kristen Ashley is one of those authors where 9 times out of 10 I end up loving or enjoying her book, even if there are way too many descriptions of furniture and clothing (yes it’s in this one too, deal with it the book is great).

There wasn’t a lot of romantically based angst, but there was a bit when Amelia was trying to win her kids back and I just felt so damn bad for the woman. She was in the wrong, and yes she behaved badly, but damn she got shut out cold for her bad behavior. I wanted to smack her kids at a few points! Amelia and her journey of finding herself is really what made this book as good as it is.

Mickey, while he is good, he’s not the most memorable of the Kristen Ashley alpha males. He fits the mold of the KA hero but wasn’t very distinct on his own. I did love his kids, and the story line with his daughter and her struggles at school really pulled on my heartstrings. Plus I now need to find a way to watch this movie Dogfight and see what all of the fuss is about.

Is this the best Kristen Ashley book? No. But honestly, it’s still pretty damn good so if you’re hesitating to read this one, stop right now and pick up this book! But read The Will first. Not that you need to, I’m just a stickler for reading series in order 😉


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