Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament by Dahlia Adler

4 stars!

 photo last will and testament.png

I’m actually kind of bewildered that this book isn’t more popular. It’s a new adult gem!

Last Will and Testament is about college student Lizzie who just found out that her parents both died in a tragic accident leaving her as the guardian over her two little brothers. Lizzie moves her brothers up to college with her, but finds she is falling behind in her classes and asks her history TA to help tutor her. Thus, romance! Just kidding, but the two fall into a friendship and very soon feelings spark up.

I really liked the banter between Lizzie and Connor. He was the perfect “nerdy” good guy that Lizzie needed and Lizzie seemed to be Connor’s dream girl and self confidence booster. There was a little bit of whiplash on his end from not being able to make up his mind about dating Lizzie, but when he made up his mind, he stuck to his guns.

The best part of this book was watching Lizzie get her shit together, stepping up and becoming an adult for her younger brothers, despite being only eighteen. Not many people would have done this and Lizzie gets mad respect for stepping up to the plate and committing to taking care of her brothers.

My problems with this book include Lizzie’s lack of grief. I mean, maybe we didn’t really see her process it enough, but at times I felt it was glossed over. There were also a few moments like this (I exaggerate in the pic) but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book:

 photo batman meme.png

Plus, the two brothers weren’t developed very well at all. There’s so much more to that part of the story that wasn’t included. And the ending wrapped up a bit too fast and nice to be realistic but oh well, it is fiction after all.

Overall a very fun new adult book that many will enjoy.


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