Losers Weepers

Losers Weepers (Lost and Found #4) by Nicole Williams

4.5 Black stars!

I friggin love this series! If you haven’t picked it up yet, please do so now!!!
 photo garth and josie.png

Losers Weepers is the follow up book to Finders Keepers, in which Garth and Josie have really begun to make a good life for themselves. Garth is making good money on the bull riding competition circuit, he and Josie have bought a house together, and their relationship is progressing to the next step. Things are absolutely perfect, until a tragic accident has everyone crashing to the ground.

 photo bull riding.png

Garth gets slapped in the face with a life changing predicament, and it makes him reassess his own value. His past demons come back to haunt him and his self confidence has taken a huge blow. Garth has never felt like he was good enough to be with Josie, and he finds himself pushing her away again, telling himself it’s the best decision for her. But Josie isn’t one to back down, and she’s going to put up a fight, even if Garth won’t.

 photo montana ranch.png

Nicole Williams definitely brought all of the feels in this book, and pretty darn early on. I liked the element she added of how people need to learn to make the hard choices and not give in to the easy ones. Garth had fought so hard for so long that when he was presented with a tragedy, he fell back into his old ways and started making the easy choices. I loved Josie’s determination and love for her man, she’s a strong woman and deserves a gigantic trophy labeled BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER.

It also amazes me that Nicole Williams writes fairly clean romance and I still love it! She’s an amazing writer with tugging at the reader’s emotions and this series is outstanding work on her part. I can’t wait until the 5th book!


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