Three Brothers

Three Brothers by Nicole Williams

3-3.5 stars

“We don’t get to choose how we die, but we get to choose how we live.”

 photo threebrothers.png

When Scout was thirteen years old her mother died and she was sent to live with the Armstrong’s. John, the father, and his sons Chase, Chance and Conn. Chase was the big brother she had never had before, Chance was her best friend, and Conn became her teenage obsession. After living with them for five years, Scout ended up fleeing. Now seven years later, John is dying and Scout must return home.

“How could I have been so blinded by one brother that I missed this one? The one.

This book was an exploration of the family dynamic and how different people deal with grief. The Armstrong’s believed there was a curse on them that whatever women they loved died due to a natural accident, and many women already had died that way. Scout as a sister loved them and they loved her back.

I really liked the idea that after choosing the wrong guy for so many years, that Scout came back and fell for the brother who had loved her in secret all along. I did not like the plot that belief in the curse would keep him away.

Why 3 stars? The pacing was pretty slow and while I liked the book, I don’t feel the urge to reread it in the future, and honestly there could have been a bit more romance in this book for me. So if you want a well written family dynamic book, this one is for you.


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