Bound by Flames

Bound by Flames (Night Prince #3) by Jeaniene Frost
4 Dracul-A stars!

“Love cuts deeper than the sharpest blade, cripples more than shattered bones, and leaves scars that can never fade.”

 photo boundbyflames.png

Yet another fun and action packed novel by Jeaniene Frost! I will say, I had my doubts about this spin-off series, but Ms. Frost has made me fall in love with Vlad and Leila.

In this third (yet not final) book in the Night Prince series, Leila and Vlad have discovered the existance of a once thought dead enemy. I would write his name in the review, but it’s so damn weird and complicated, I would have to look back into my paperback copy for the spelling and then copy and paste that shit because dude, it’s a weird name. Like souvlaki or something.

Anyways, Leila and Vlad are doing their best to find their enemy before his finds them, but this is easier said than done. I can’t say anymore about the plot without giving it away so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

 photo pagebreak.png

Really loved the development of Leila and Vlad’s relationship in this one. It was a giant lesson in marriage being a give and take situation, and both Vlad and Leila did their best to support the other’s beliefs and actions to some extent. Well, kind of.

“Compromise Lesson One: Pull a dick move, and your dick gets denied. Every woman knew that, and now, so did the vampire sitting next to me.”

I will say, this book was HOT. And by hot, I mean steamy, and the fact that Vlad literally melted stone. Thats 2000+ degrees F!!

I don’t think I’ve said it before, but because I am a giant nerd I’m going to say it now. Did anyone else watch the tv show Angel? You know, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff? Well there was a character named Gwen who could electrocute people with her skin. Sounds familiar?
 photo gwen.png

“You are in my soul, and nothing you did before we met or will do in the future can change that.”

Well there’s not much more to say, this is a weird and short review for me. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book, and now I’m kind of pissed that there’s a fourth one out there in the universe. Now just got to wait patiently.



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