Hero by Samantha Young

4 stars!

“You’re the one real thing in my life right now … You should know I don’t want to let that go.”

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Samantha Young is one of my all time favorite authors. Even when her books aren’t my favorite, I’ve never given her anything less than 4 stars because she delivers the perfect romance books that work for me. Hero follows in the footsteps of her other books as a highly addictive, angst inducing, well written romance.

Alexa Holland grew up believing her dad was a hero. That is, until she was in college when he dropped the bomb on her that he had ruined the lives of another family. On top of that, Alexa’s mother had been his mistress and Alexa was his illegitimate hidden child. Now in her late twenties, Alexa works as a personal assistant for a fashion photographer. One day on set, Alexa comes face to face with the man whose life was ruined by her father, Caine Carraway. Caine becomes furious with Alexa on the set, which results in her boss losing the shoot and Alexa being fired.

In an attempt to make amends, Alexa bombards Caine at his office. Caine has grown up to become a successful businessman despite his horrible past. After she makes an apology, Caine offers Alexa a job, with the intent being clear that he was only doing so in order to make Alexa’s life miserable. Desperate and wanting to prove she wasn’t her father’s daughter, Alexa accepts.

Caine is literally the boss from hell, making Alexa do an insurmountable amount of meaningless and degrading tasks, but Alexa forges on. Soon it becomes clear that the feelings between Caine and Alexa do not contain only hatred, but a surprising amount of lust. Can either one of them overcome their pasts to accept the other?

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I had so much fun reading this book. As I said before, I love this author and how she tells her stories. The amount of angst and emotion mixed in is the perfect amount and was not overwhelming. The push and pull dynamic made this book really fun, I’m used to seeing the guy chasing the girl in Young’s books and not the other way around. It was a bit sad to continually read Alexa getting her hopes up about a real relationship with Caine knowing as the reader that he wasn’t ready yet.

“I’m not your white knight.”

The chemistry with these two characters was off the charts! It’s not normally something I point out, because I prefer angst over steam (yeah I’m weird, I know this already) but this book was pretty darn steamy!! For all of you out there who love steamy scenes, get your fans ready to help cool you off.

This was a 5 star read for me all the way up until about 80%. There were certain thing that I thought was a pretty random addition to the plot and didn’t really make any sense to me, because it came out of nowhere. But the angst in the scenes following those parts were amazing!!! Gah, I ate that shit up.

^^^so 0.5 stars off for that. Another 0.5 stars off for not enough groveling. I WANTED TO SEE SOME HANDS AND KNEES BEGGING FOR ALL OF THE TUG-A-WAR BULLSHIT HE PUT ALEXA THROUGH! But I love groveling, so maybe I’m asking for too much.

“I’m not asking for forever, I’m asking you to stop pushing me away. I’m asking you to be real with me for however long this lasts.”

So while it’s not my favorite Young book, I do have to say that this is the most intricately plotted book she’s come out with so far and it’s great to watch her to continue to grow as a writer with the new work she’s putting out. Alexa and Caine were so well developed and complicated and it just made me love them all the more for it.

“No, you’re no fucking white knight, but you’re what I want.”

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