Better When He’s Bold

Excerpt and giveaway to be posted on February 7th!

Better When He’s Bold (Welcome to the Point #2) by Jay Crownover
4 stars!

“I need you to keep me from turning into something I hate, but I can’t ask you to give yourself to the streets, to this life, if it’s not what you want.”

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Better When He’s Bold is the second book in the Welcome to the Point series. While it is technically a standalone, there is a lot of crossover from the first book so I highly recommend reading that one first.

Brysen is your typical college girl. She goes to school, works, and studies hard. Except for the fact that her home life is falling apart. Her mom is a depressed drunk, her dad appears to be oblivious and Brysen has a sixteen year old sister to take care of. And, it appears Brysen has a stalker.

Race is the King of the Point and former rich boy from the Hill. Collecting bets and loaning money, he’s exactly the kind of guy you stay away from. But Race has had an eye on Brysen for some time, and he can see through her ice queen facade.

After a series of circumstances bring the two together, their chemistry is off the charts and the two decide to make a go of things. But can they fit into each others different worlds?

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The whole premise to the series is the main guys being bad. And yes while they are men who do bad things for a living, I as a reader don’t consider them bad guys. Case in point, they don’t treat the women they love like shit. For the boys from the point, if they love a girl, family or not they’ll do anything not to hurt them. I’ve read so many books where the main guy isn’t “bad” yet I found awful because he treated the main girl horribly. And that’s the relief of reading an author like Jay, is that I can trust her not to disappoint me by giving the reader an nonredeemable asshole that all the girls sigh over.

“I’m glad you’re not absolutely physically perfect, Race. Trying to handle all the obvious perfection is distracting and hard as it is. Knowing there are parts of you that aren’t flawless makes you so much more human.”

I loved the development of Race in this book. In the first book he was mostly in the background, talked about but not seen. In this book we get his perspective of events that went down and justifiable reasons for his previous actions. Race may do bad things, but he doesn’t murder people and he treats his sister and Brysen well. Plus, he’s a hot blonde, what more can a reader want?

Brysen was an interesting character because of how strong she was. She held everything together for her family and worked hard to do it. The stalker plot surrounding her was engaging for me because she wasn’t being stalked based on how pretty she was or a dark obsession, it was literally someone wanting to fuck with her life. And that was some scary shit happening to her.

“Life is a mess. I have someone trying to kill me and you’re right in the thick of a war on the city. What better conditions could you think of to fall in love?”

My only nit-picky thing about this book was Karsen, the sixteen year old sister. She was way too damn perceptive for someone her age, and any time she opened her mouth I honestly couldn’t see her existing in real life. Hopefully she grows up in the series soon because then I would believe the things that came out of her mouth.

I’m crossing my fingers that Booker and Stark get their own books! Hot scarred bodyguard and tattooed computer geek? I can’t decide which one I want more!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review


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