Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland #1) by Kristen Ashley

4.5 Ho Boy stars

“She waits for me at windows and buys me dragons. There are reasons we walk this earth, I’m coming to realize mine.”

 photo wildestdreamscollage.png

Wow. I mean, wow. I did not expect this book to be as wonderful as it is. I love Kristen Ashley, I know that 99% of the time I can read one of her books and love it. Admitting that, I can now say I was extremely skeptical that KA, queen of contemporary romance, could pull off a fantasy book.

So I need to go and eat myself some humble pie. Because this shit was fucking awesome.

Finnie tragically lost her parents at the age of fifteen. Upon learning there is an alternate universe where everyone has a twin, and that her parents were still alive in that world, Finnie paid a huge sum of money to a witch to switch places with her and her other twin. Upon arriving in this new world, this is the note her switch twin left her:

Tonight, you marry The Drakkar. In the ancient tongue, this means The Dragon.
Good luck,

And so Finnie is thus married to a man she’s never met before within one hour of reaching this new world. Even worse, he seems to absolutely despise her.

“My husband was clearly not only scary but also a dick.”

Finnie’s adventure begins from here.

 photo finniehorse.png

I was completely enraptured with this book. I could not put the damn thing down unless I had to for important real life things. You know, like work and stuff. I really wish I had begun reading this book on a three day weekend or something!!!

I loved the world building. This is one of the few KA books where I didn’t get annoyed with the endless clothing descriptions because well, the clothing was pretty damn cool in this fantasy world.

Example A (this is how I pictured the wedding dress):
 photo finnieweddingday.png

I definitely had some issues with Frey throughout the book, those of you who have read it know what I mean. Basically, he earns himself a spot on my “men can be stupid” shelf because his thoughtless actions throughout the book were guaranteed to make Finnie feel hurt and betrayed. Otherwise Frey was all KA alpha male sexiness.

Is this book perfect? No. But it’s incredibly interesting, enthralling and everything I hope a Kristen Ashley novel to be.

 photo fantasylandwildestdreams.png


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