Mortal Heart

Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin #3) by Robin LaFevers

3.5 stars

“If Death could grant you a wish, you would use it for someone else? Trade your happiness for someone else’s?”

 photo mortalheart.png

As I always do with my 3 star reviews, I maintain that just because I rated a book 3 stars does not mean I didn’t like it/it isn’t good. I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the two book before it. Therefore, 3 stars.

I truly believe that Robin LaFevers has brought something special to the young adult genre with her His Fair Assassin trilogy. I can’t recall a historical fiction book(s) within this genre that has been so beautifully executed with strong female characters. That being said, Mortal Heart is probably my least favorite book in this series, the second book Dark Triumph the best.

Mortal Heart is Annith’s story. We know her from the previous books, as she is friend and sister to Ismae and Sybella. Unlike the other girls, Annith has spent her life in the convent since birth. Annith has been waiting and longing for years to be sent out on an assignment, like her sisters before her. One day while spying on the Reverend Mother, Annith discovers that she is not meant to leave the convent, but to stay forever and be the next Seeress. Finding this a horrible fate, Annith strikes out on her own after the Reverend Mother to demand answers as to her fate.

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Being that this book is almost 450 pages, it was really a sad things for me that it took almost 100 pages in for the book to finally grasp my undivided attention. In my opinion this book was also pretty scattered, with Annith doing one thing but then getting roped into other journeys by chance. Like when she leaves the convent with a set course but then ends up with the Helliquin, and then the women warriors. It just felt a little jumbled in my opinion. The plot at times was very straightforward, when it pertained to the political plot with the Duchess. It was not consistent when it came to Annith’s plot, I felt.

I liked the addition of the helliquin and Balthazaar; he was a very interesting and mysterious character and remained so throughout the entire book. The connection (romantically and otherwise) was a bit difficult to believe at the beginning, but near the end of the book it made a lot of sense.

“I am beginning to think that love itself is never wrong. It is what love can drive people to do that is the problem.”

I enjoyed the fact that we got to see a bit more of Ismae and Sybella, and a part of my wishes that the author would write some epilogue novellas for them. It felt to me like the stories of the 3 main girls remains largely unfinished.

I also liked the resolution of the Duchess’s struggles. After 3 books of trying to find a solution I believe the author found a very inventive and creative end to her story. I’m also kind of hoping for the Duchess to get her own book.

Strong end to a strong series, but not my favorite book of the 3.

“We are all of us, gods and mortals, made up of many pieces, some of them broken, some of them scarred, but none of them the total sum of who we are.”


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