Willing Captive

Willing Captive by Belle Aurora

5 stars!

“I never realized how much I hate my life. Not until he showed me beautiful.”

 photo willingcaptivecollage.png

Literally couldn’t put this one down. I cannot believe I waited so darn long to read this book! If it hadn’t been for all of the awesome reviews my Goodreads friends had posted I probably never would have. That’s the power of Goodreads.

Every once in a while you unexpectedly discover a great book, and this is one of those books. Despite the disclaimer saying this is NOT a dark read, I was very hesitant about reading this book based on the title and cover. Captive books usually aren’t my thing. This book is in fact a story of finding oneself, and pretty darn funny as well.

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Lily is a sheltered rich girl but her life didn’t start out that way. When Lily and her sister were preteens her dad’s company experienced a boom in business leaving his filthy rich. With the rise in business, so were the rise in threats to the family. More and more Lily found herself with a good book in her room than out with her friends.

One night intruders break into her family mansion and abduct Lily and her sister. I won’t say much more except that not everything is as it seems.

 photo Untitled.png

The mystery in this book was very well done. I always felt the undertone of suspense, even when the main characters were more relaxed in their surroundings. The author did a good job of maintaining the “what’s going on?” issue because she left the reader in the dark for the most part.

I loved both Lily and Nox so much! Normally I like one main character more than the other, but Belle Aurora did such a wonderful job developing her MC’s.

Lily was a great blend of cute and tough. It took her getting kidnapped to realize she wasn’t living her life, that she had been spending it locked away. It became her dream to break out of her situation and live free.

““Books… I can’t live without books. To me, a book is better than any movie. All I need is a good book, my imagination, and I am set free. I’m in literature heaven.”

Nox, he was a badass. He had his sweet moments but for the most part he didn’t take anyone’s shit. He was a bit of a jerk at the beginning of the book, but his devotion to Lily and her safety were what made him swoon worthy. I also think Nox’s issues near the end of the book was great. It made it more believable than him miraculously surviving. He struggled greatly to get back to Lily, a changed man, but a man still in love with her.

“You remember what you said this morning? About it being totally stupid to fall in love with me?”
At that, my eyes open. He adds quietly, “Then you should start calling me a fuckin’ moron.”

This book is humorous, suspenseful and delightful and I encourage anyone and everyone to read it.

“Doesn’t matter where you are, baby. I’ll come for you. I’ll come for you.”


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