You and Everything After

You and Everything After (Falling #2) by Ginger Scott

3.5-4 stars!

“Sometimes, we meet people that set our shit right. And you were like a bullet. You pierced straight…right about here.”

 photo youandeverythingaftercollage.png

This was such a sweet book! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first book in this series, it was a little too cheesy for me. But when I saw that Cass and Ty were getting their own book I HAD to read it, because they were so great in the first book.

Cass has MS (multiple sclerosis) a disease that affects the nervous system and is often unpredictable. College is a fresh start for her, one where she can live without other people knowing about her condition and where she can escape her less than stellar past. Ty was in an accident at the age of sixteen when he became a paraplegic. Ty is the brightest guy in the room, always the life of the party, the one to crack a joke. Behind his facade he has darker feelings, anger, regret longing, but he hides them from everyone else.

Both Cass and Ty meet at a party, and then later discover that Cass has signed up for personal training sessions with Ty at the school gym. The two have immediate chemistry, but both of their pasts have the potential to haunt their future.

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I really enjoyed this gem of a book. It was the perfect amount of sweet without venturing into the cheesy zone. And believe me, I hate cheesy romance. I loved how complex Ty and Cass were as characters, and that this book focused on their personal struggles in addition to the romance between them. The two of them understood each other in a way that most people didn’t get, and it made them the perfect couple.

This book paralleled the first book, This is Falling, so as readers we got to see what Ty and Cass were going through while Rowe and Nate had their drama. One of the best parts of this book for me was seeing Paige through Cass’s eyes. Paige was portrayed as sort of a vapid bitch in the first book, so I like that we got to see another perspective of her and get some reasons behind her actions and choices. She’s not the best sister, and not the best of friends, but she really was trying to do what she thought was best. I’m actually really looking forward to her book.

This is a fun, sweet, New Adult romance that had me smiling through it. I think technically you have to read the first book before this one, but since I didn’t like that one as much, I say skip it. I think the reader could understand what’s going on.

PS: Paige and Cass are from my hometown. Woo!!!


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