Beautiful Redemption

Beautiful Redemption (The Maddox Brothers #2) by Jamie McGuire

2 stars

 photo beautifulredemption.png

Beautiful Disaster was my first ever New Adult novel. It’s the reason I started reading romance books and not just young adult books. I read it all in one sitting and stayed up until 4 am trying to finish it. The appeal of the first book was it’s ability to suck you in and make you root for these characters who don’t seem good for each other. Beautiful Redemption does not fit in the same category as its predecessor.

Liis has left behind her job and her fiance in Chicago when she tranfers to the FBI office in San Diego. On her first night there she has the best sex of her life with a beautiful stranger. Liis goes into work the next day and surprise surprise, her one night stand is in fact her new boss. Agent Thomas Maddox had his heart ripped out by the girl he loved, who left him for his brother Trent. Now he and Liis must go undercover in order to recruit Travis into the FBI.


 photo umpop.png

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, yeah. This isn’t Jamie McGuire’s best work. I was super excited to read this when I got my paperback in the mail, especially when I saw it was self-published. Her other books are published by Atria. I was excited because I assumed, wrongly, that because it was self-published, the author would take risks and do something new. Yeah nope.

First things first, when I was reading Beautiful Oblivion, I never really got the impression that Thomas was super in love with Camille. Sure he liked her and they were dating, but I didn’t see the birds singing and forest animals cleaning. So imagine my shock over the fact that he just could not let her go in this book. Yet he still actively pursued Liis knowing that he was just as emotionally unavailable as she was.

The suspension of disbelief of the FBI plot was too damn high. I find it very hard to believe that all FBI agents are in the same age range and all attractive, and that they talk more about each others relationships than they’re own jobs. Plus, the whole “we’re recruiting Travis because it’s the only way to save him” plot was very unbelievable to me. Even with a brother with connections, there’s just no way.
This was me reading those parts:

The middle of the book I considered DNFing out of sheer boredom. I ended up skimming a bit in the hopes that the book would get better. It only mildly did.
skimming photo justkeepskimming.png

Lastly, that ending? Come on!!! ***SPOILER*** When they both admit they love each other when they think the other one is dying? Barf.

Be more original with the next book please!!!!

And for those of you that would say this is a mean review, remember that I rated Beautiful Disaster a 5 and Beautiful Oblivion a 4. So obviously, this book just didn’t work for me like the other ones did.


Falling for Jillian

Falling for Jillian (Love Under the Big Sky #3) by Kristen Proby

3 sweet stars

Jillian and Zach had a one night stand six months ago where Jillian woke up alone and immediately flew back to LA. Now she’s back in town and her and Zach have avoided awkwardness. But now Zach wants to take a shot at a relationship, but with all of his baggage from being in the army and the fact that he needs to keep a secure environment for his son might get in the way of their happiness.

To be honest, I didn’t like this book as much as I was hoping I would. Loving Cara was a solid 5 star read for me, but for some reason the rest of this series isn’t really working for me. This book felt recycled and predictable and I spent the middle of the book forcing myself to continue. I enjoyed the beginning and the ending which is why I’m rating this a 3.

I feel kind of horrible about this, but I think this is going to be my last Kristen Proby read for a while. I keep either giving her 3 star ratings or dnf-ing, so I’m going to take a break for a while. I loved the beginning of her With Me in Seattle series and I respect Kristen Proby as an author but at this point, I feel like I’m picking on her with my 3 star ratings.

Series track record:
-Loving Cara: 5 stars
-Seducing Lauren: dnf
-Falling for Jillian: 3 stars

*ARC kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


Fantastical (Fantasyland #3) by Kristen Ashley

4.5 stars

Loved it!!

“In this world you were the only thing I had but you were the only thing I needed.”

Kristen Ashley does it again! I loved this next installment in the Fantasyland series. Cora wakes up in a new land where she can talk to birds and has a sister who literally tra la la’s. Turns out we all have twins in a parallel world and Cora has somehow switched with hers. Very soon she unintentionally brings a curse upon her and her sister, and Cora’s husband whisks her off to safety. Unfortunately for her, Cora in this world is a raging bitch and her husband loathes her.

Cora sets about trying to convince her husband, Tor, that she is in fact a different Cora. Of course, because she sounds like a crazy person he doesn’t believe her. So Cora continues about her business, literally doing stuff like this:
 photo princesslogic.png

No seriously, she cleans a cave. A place that will probably always be dirty.

Tor begins to think that the old Cora is playing him and is continually suspicious of Cora’s motives. Meanwhile Cora is wandering around admiring her new clothing and the general splendor.

 photo flyprincess.png

Together, they do their best to avoid the curse cast by an evil witch. Tor brings her to his castle and that’s where I’ll stop.

 photo ivyseparator.png

I really liked this book. Obviously most people won’t like it as much as the Golden Dynasty but I found this book to be quite the little gem. There were some obvious Disney elements that I found charming. Cora was such an endearing character and I loved how she believed the best in people.

Tor, well he was kind of an asshole for the first 60% or so but he made up for it in the rest of the book. There was some definite angst that I gobbled up like an angst addict.

I’d just like to note that I’m glad I read this series in order because factors from book 1 appear in book 2, and continue into book 3. I have a feeling they will become very important as the series continues.

Only one little thing bothered me, and that is the fact that I don’t remember KA adding a character description for Cora. Maybe she did and I missed it, but it’s not the first time I’ve read a KA novel and had no clue what the heroine looked like. And for some odd reason, my weird brain pictured her:
 photo anna.png

My only guess is because I used the Anna gif in my status update.

Anyhoo, love these books and onto the next!

Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland #1) by Kristen Ashley

4.5 Ho Boy stars

“She waits for me at windows and buys me dragons. There are reasons we walk this earth, I’m coming to realize mine.”

 photo wildestdreamscollage.png

Wow. I mean, wow. I did not expect this book to be as wonderful as it is. I love Kristen Ashley, I know that 99% of the time I can read one of her books and love it. Admitting that, I can now say I was extremely skeptical that KA, queen of contemporary romance, could pull off a fantasy book.

So I need to go and eat myself some humble pie. Because this shit was fucking awesome.

Finnie tragically lost her parents at the age of fifteen. Upon learning there is an alternate universe where everyone has a twin, and that her parents were still alive in that world, Finnie paid a huge sum of money to a witch to switch places with her and her other twin. Upon arriving in this new world, this is the note her switch twin left her:

Tonight, you marry The Drakkar. In the ancient tongue, this means The Dragon.
Good luck,

And so Finnie is thus married to a man she’s never met before within one hour of reaching this new world. Even worse, he seems to absolutely despise her.

“My husband was clearly not only scary but also a dick.”

Finnie’s adventure begins from here.

 photo finniehorse.png

I was completely enraptured with this book. I could not put the damn thing down unless I had to for important real life things. You know, like work and stuff. I really wish I had begun reading this book on a three day weekend or something!!!

I loved the world building. This is one of the few KA books where I didn’t get annoyed with the endless clothing descriptions because well, the clothing was pretty damn cool in this fantasy world.

Example A (this is how I pictured the wedding dress):
 photo finnieweddingday.png

I definitely had some issues with Frey throughout the book, those of you who have read it know what I mean. Basically, he earns himself a spot on my “men can be stupid” shelf because his thoughtless actions throughout the book were guaranteed to make Finnie feel hurt and betrayed. Otherwise Frey was all KA alpha male sexiness.

Is this book perfect? No. But it’s incredibly interesting, enthralling and everything I hope a Kristen Ashley novel to be.

 photo fantasylandwildestdreams.png

Searching for Perfect

Searching for Perfect (Searching For #2) by Jennifer Probst

3.75 perfect stars

 photo searchingforperfect.png

Searching for Perfect is the story of Ned. Ned is an aerospace engineer, aka rocket scientist, and at the age of thirty has decided he is ready to find a wife and settle down. After attending a speed dating event, Ned meets Kennedy, one of the matchmakers at Kinnections. Kennedy, seeing that Ned is in dire need of a makeover, outside and inside, takes him on as a client, guaranteeing that she will find him his perfect match.

When Kennedy says makeover, she means it. Ned is subjected to various forms of torture, including spa days, waxing, zumba, even changing his name to Nate. But despite all of this, he and Kennedy form an understanding of each other, and their understanding blossoms into full blown feelings. But Kennedy doesn’t believe in a long term relationship for herself, and it’s up to Nate to convince her to take the risk.

Jennifer Probst is a long time guilty pleasure author for me. There isn’t a single book she’s written that I haven’t enjoyed, and Searching for Perfect continues this tradition. This book was so damn funny. I’m not kidding, 20% in and I was laughing so hard at Nate’s makeover escapades I had tears in my eyes. I can’t remember the last time a book made me laugh like that.

I loved the characters; Kennedy is a strong complex woman with past issues that make the reader empathize with her. Nate is so socially awkward he makes you giggle, but has such a strong heart you can’t help but root for the guy to get what he wants.

I loved the addition of Wolfe in this book, as well and Probst’s characters from past novels. It’s like having old friends come to visit when she includes them.

Overall a very funny, angsty and sweet read.

ARC kindly provided by Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

How We Deal With Gravity

How We Deal With Gravity by Ginger Scott

3.5 sweet stars

“I probably shouldn’t even be in here. This is something best left to her family. I’m nobody. But God, do I want to be somebody for her.”

 photo howwedealwithgravity.png

Avery is a single mother raising her autistic 5 year old son practically alone after her husband left her. Avery does the best she can, but as the only parent in her child’s life, it’s an uphill battle. Mason is a washed up rock star and he hasn’t even hit his thirties yet. He returns to his home town after his failures and movies into Avery’s house at the invite of her father. Both knew each other in high school, but Mason begins to fall hard for Avery now that he has returned home.

Ginger Scott is a master of the sweet romances. I personally, am not a gigantic fan of books that are sweet. I liked the idea of this book, but the romance burned too slowly for me, and there was a bit of instalove on Mason’s end that really irked me.

What really makes this book stand out from other new adult romances is Scott’s depiction of autism. My mother is a special education teacher and professional, has been for over 20+ years so I feel I have a little bit better understanding of this subject than most people. Scott hit the head on the nail with the everyday struggles Avery faced, from out of this world tantrums, to small things such as encouraging eye contact. I say bravo to Ms. Scott for obviously doing her research and in turn doing great justice to single mothers raising autistic children everywhere.

Overall, a nice heartwarming, romantic read.

ARC provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

All Fall Down

All Fall Down (Embassy Row #1) by Ally Carter

3.5 stars

All Fall Down is my first Ally Carter book and I must say, it’s an enjoyable read. The age level is a little lower than I usually read, I would classify this book as a middle grade for ages 12-16. It is the perfect type of book for transitioning young readers out of the chapter books and into the Young Adult/Teen genre.

Three years after witnessing her mother’s death Grace is sent to live with her ambassador grandfather in a country that borders Iran. Grace used to spend her summers at the embassy as a child and is already familiar with the area and the politics. While here, Grace discovers that the man she believes to have murdered her mother is here as well, and she sets about on a plan to bring him down.

This is one of the more interesting plots I’ve read in the young adult genre, lots of modern day politics and espionage are afoot. I’m not really used to reading a simpler type of book and that’s why this book received a 3.5 star review from me. Plus, I found the ending to be highly unbelievable.

I think many teens, girls and boys, could relate very well to Grace and her situation. No, not all teens are able to deal with inter-political plots between countries, but they will relate to Grace and her struggle for adults to take her seriously. The adults in this book did not believe Grace when she went to them for help, leaving her feeling useless and helpless, something many teens feel like a lot of the time. I liked that Grace did what most teens (and people) want to do, and she took matters into her own hands and tried to unravel the mystery of her mother’s death herself.

I would have liked more development between Grace and the character of Alexei. I still at this point cannot determine if he was a love interest or not. He just sort of popped in and then would disappear for various amounts of time. It felt really random. Hopefully that will be resolved in the next installment.

ARC kindly provided to me by my boss. Who received this from the publisher. So I guess the ARC was indeed provided by the publisher. It just wasn’t intended for me. Muahaha!

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Mortal Heart

Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin #3) by Robin LaFevers

3.5 stars

“If Death could grant you a wish, you would use it for someone else? Trade your happiness for someone else’s?”

 photo mortalheart.png

As I always do with my 3 star reviews, I maintain that just because I rated a book 3 stars does not mean I didn’t like it/it isn’t good. I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the two book before it. Therefore, 3 stars.

I truly believe that Robin LaFevers has brought something special to the young adult genre with her His Fair Assassin trilogy. I can’t recall a historical fiction book(s) within this genre that has been so beautifully executed with strong female characters. That being said, Mortal Heart is probably my least favorite book in this series, the second book Dark Triumph the best.

Mortal Heart is Annith’s story. We know her from the previous books, as she is friend and sister to Ismae and Sybella. Unlike the other girls, Annith has spent her life in the convent since birth. Annith has been waiting and longing for years to be sent out on an assignment, like her sisters before her. One day while spying on the Reverend Mother, Annith discovers that she is not meant to leave the convent, but to stay forever and be the next Seeress. Finding this a horrible fate, Annith strikes out on her own after the Reverend Mother to demand answers as to her fate.

 photo ivyseparator.png

Being that this book is almost 450 pages, it was really a sad things for me that it took almost 100 pages in for the book to finally grasp my undivided attention. In my opinion this book was also pretty scattered, with Annith doing one thing but then getting roped into other journeys by chance. Like when she leaves the convent with a set course but then ends up with the Helliquin, and then the women warriors. It just felt a little jumbled in my opinion. The plot at times was very straightforward, when it pertained to the political plot with the Duchess. It was not consistent when it came to Annith’s plot, I felt.

I liked the addition of the helliquin and Balthazaar; he was a very interesting and mysterious character and remained so throughout the entire book. The connection (romantically and otherwise) was a bit difficult to believe at the beginning, but near the end of the book it made a lot of sense.

“I am beginning to think that love itself is never wrong. It is what love can drive people to do that is the problem.”

I enjoyed the fact that we got to see a bit more of Ismae and Sybella, and a part of my wishes that the author would write some epilogue novellas for them. It felt to me like the stories of the 3 main girls remains largely unfinished.

I also liked the resolution of the Duchess’s struggles. After 3 books of trying to find a solution I believe the author found a very inventive and creative end to her story. I’m also kind of hoping for the Duchess to get her own book.

Strong end to a strong series, but not my favorite book of the 3.

“We are all of us, gods and mortals, made up of many pieces, some of them broken, some of them scarred, but none of them the total sum of who we are.”

The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger

4.5 Duffy stars!!!

“No matter where you go or what you do to distract yourself, reality catches up with you eventually.”

 photo theduff.png

OMIGOSH YOU GUYS! I loved this book!! Like seriously, I kind of can’t believe how much I loved a book that literally means “ugly fat friend”.

Over the years I’ve seen this book in passing, in the library, bookstores, and lists titled “Best Book Boyfriends”. I never picked it up because come on. Look at the title. Now look at the cover. Based on those two things, would you read it? Well this is an extreme case of don’t judge a book by its cover… or its title.

Bianca is a cynical girl, but her friends don’t mind it. They love her for who she is. One night when all three are out, Bianca finds herself near the school manwhore Wesley, who proceeds to educate her on the fact that she is the Duff. Designated Ugly Fat Friend. This title makes Bianca’s head spin, and she goes into a small identity crisis. On top of that, things aren’t so good with her parents and her life around her is falling apart. Assigned to work on a project together, Bianca and Wesley end up having a secret friends with benefits relationship, both trying to escape their crappy real lives.

As I stated before, I loved this book. Because it surprised me.Bianca was a character I loved so much. She was ridiculously cynical, and I guess maybe I am too because most of the time when she would say something, I’d be sitting there nodding my head and going “hey, I would say that!”

And this book had some seriously funny moments and dialogue in it. For example:

“Spanish, huh?” he said, glancing down at the scattered papers as he grabbed them. “Can you say anything interesting?”
“El tono de tu voz hace que queria estrangularme.” I stood up and waited for him to hand over my papers.
“That sounds sexy,” he said, getting to his feet and handing me the stack of Spanish work he’d swept together. “What’s it mean?”
“The sound of your voice makes me want to strangle myself.”

“Your sense of humor needs some work, then,” Wesley suggested. “Most girls find my jokes charming.”
“Those girls must have IQs low enough to trip over.”

“I mean, there is a reason its initials are VD. I bet you more people contract syphilis on Valentine’s Day than on any other day of the year. What a cause for celebration.”

“Vagina, vagina, vagina. Get over it, Jess. You have one. You can call it what it is.”

Despite having a sense of humor, this book also dealt with serious teen issues. Bianca’s parents were going through a divorce and her dad was becoming less and less present, and she didn’t know how to deal with it. Bianca’s former asshole of an ex-boyfriend shows up in town with his new fiance. Wesley’s parents are always gone and his crone of a grandmother won’t let him see his sister. Lots of teen drama rama.

The other things that surprised me about this book? There was so much sex! Like from the beginning. Would you look at this hot pink and yellow cover and think you were in for a large round of young adult fade to black? Not me! It was kind of refreshing to read a teen book and have it be realistic about what teens are experiencing in real life.

And Wesley. *sigh* I loved that asshole. Like, he was such a freaking jerk in the beginning, but like Bianca, the more I saw him in the book I couldn’t help but swoon over his arrogant ass. I agree with the list, he’s a great book boyfriend.

“Don’t lie to yourself because you think it’s safer. Reality doesn’t work like that.”

At the end of the day, everyone who reads this review is going to read whatever the heck they want. I’m the same way. But, I encourage you to ignore the title and cover, and to read this gem of a book. That or go and see the movie when it comes out this February. Hopefully it doesn’t suck.

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It Ain’t Me, Babe

It Ain’t Me, Babe (Hades Hangmen #1) by Tillie Cole

2.75-3 stars

“We were always fated to be together. He is my everything. He is my entire world…Styx is my salvation.”

 photo itaintmebabecollage.png

Welp, I am in the minority. Yet again. I wanted to love this one, I did. Like, I even love the premise still. Because cults versus motorcycle clubs? Hell yeah! The end result just wasn’t what I wanted. Too high of expectations I think.

Mae has lived with The Order her entire life carrying out their wishes. On the day she is to be married to the prophet, she flees, leaving her sisters behind. Mae finds a ride away from the hidden compound, but the driver pretty much dumps her, severely injured on the property of the local MC Hades Hangmen. The club Prez Styx, sees Mae bloodied up and dying behind a dumpster and immediately gets help. Once Mae wakes up, she and Styx realize they have met before….

 photo pagebreak.png

At this time, I really can’t do anything other than rant on the things I didn’t like, so I’m not really going to review this book. If you really want to talk to me about it, message me. Based on the fact that I gave it 3 stars, I did like the book, I just wasn’t overwhelmed with it’s amazingness. Again, I think it’s because I had higher expectations. The last 25-30% of the book redeemed itself for me, but the first 60-70% really pissed me off.

Will I read book 2? I think I’d like to give it a whirl.

The Will

The Will by Kristen Ashley

4 stars!

” If you learn to accept yourself just as you are, learn to laugh at your quirks instead of hating them, show the world all that’s you without tryin’ to hide things that are not even a little unattractive, that makes you more attractive. What you got is a fuckuva lot. You own all of it and let it all hang out, you’ll go off-the-charts.”

 photo thewill.png

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Kristen Ashley book. When I saw that pretty much all of my Goodreads friends were unanimous in loving this book, I decided to jump back in with this one.

The story begins with Josie at the funeral of her beloved grandmother. Josie hasn’t been back to Magdalene in years, as she was trotting the globe as an assistant to a famous photographer. Losing her Gran meant she had lost what was left of her family.

At the reading of her Gran’s will, Josie discovers that her Gran has left Josie to Jake Spear. The former boxer and town strip club owner. At first Josie is horrified, by the idea and by Jake’s profession, but over time and by getting to know him, Josie discovers there is more to Jake than meets the eye.

“Life is like a boxing match. Defeat is declared not when you fall but when you refuse to stand again.”

I was hesistant going into this book, as I’m in my mid-twenties and the main characters are in their forties. I was worried I wouldn’t be interested in their romance or lives, but then I remembered how amazing Ashley’s Sweet Dreams was, also about a couple in their forties, and decided to give this a chance. While this book does focus on issues that people in their forties face, like former lovers, ex wives, children and more, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book because it held strong themes offamily, love, survival, and finding one’s place in life when things change abruptly.

I loved the slow building romance between Josie and Jake, along with the little misunderstandings Josie had about Jake’s interest. Josie’s relationship with Jake’s children was beautiful; she helped them without ever forcing her way in or being overbearing. She didn’t try to be cool or someone different for their sakes, instead she was herself and showed constantly how much she cared about them and their well being.

The side plot with Henry made me kind of sad, I really hope he gets his own book or at least a mention of an HEA. I know he’s the one who fucked things up with Josie, but come on. Men tend to not think things through all of the time. A lot of the time.

“You see, a woman who knows herself and her worth knows that her time is valuable and her heart is precious. She doesn’t give either to a man who can’t respect the gifts he’s being offered.”

I only had two things I didn’t really like about this book. One was the side plot about Conner and his five high school girlfriends. It didn’t really make sense to me that Kristen Ashley would develop Ellie just to have them break up, with Conner being less than understanding of Ellie’s position her parents put her in, just to find another different girlfriend by the end. I would rather have had Ellie not exist and use Sophie instead. It just seemed like a waste of plot to me, but I guess I’m just being nit-picky.

The other thing I REALLY did not like was the way Josie talked. It drove me up the wall! She sounded like a pretentious snob and everyone was like, “oh you talk weird, that’s cute”. I’m over here like, “um, no. She sounds incredibly rude and condescending” but whatever. Despite the way she talked, I still really liked Josie mostly because she had a heart of gold and when you were someone she cared about, she took care of you.

This book really did feel like one of Kristen Ashley’s older works, and was a great romance that was well developed and not cheesy, which worked perfectly for me. That friggin epilogue had me crying giant ugly tears. Damn you KA! Right in the damn feels.

“It’s never too late to reach for happiness and no matter what life has done to you, it’s never too late to find it.”

Never Never

Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

3 stars!

 photo noidea.png

First off I’d like to reiterate that just because I rate a book 3 stars doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. It just means I didn’t love it. I liked this book, I did. I just wish I had waited to read this until the 2nd book was released. Because this book ends on aCLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!

I don’t want to give anything away, so in the tradition of the lovely Kat Stark , this is my (mini) unconventional review.

My thoughts while I was reading this book:

-“Hmm, Tarryn Fisher really has a thing for amnesia.”

-“Damn, this book reminds me a lot of Don’t Look Back by Jennifer Armentrout just with 2 people and not 1 person.”

-“OMG CoHo soooooooooooo wrote that part.”

-“Why are they so focused on kissing each other rather than figuring out what’s happening to them? Those are some damn strong horny hormones!”

-“Now I want a grilled cheese. Damn it, that was CoHo’s doing again!”

-“Eeek! A penis!”

I will say that despite there being a cliffy (which I expected) it was a DAMN GOOD cliffy.

So overall, I like the concept but I wish this book had been more than 140 pages. I will read book 2. Whenever it decides to come along.

Willing Captive

Willing Captive by Belle Aurora

5 stars!

“I never realized how much I hate my life. Not until he showed me beautiful.”

 photo willingcaptivecollage.png

Literally couldn’t put this one down. I cannot believe I waited so darn long to read this book! If it hadn’t been for all of the awesome reviews my Goodreads friends had posted I probably never would have. That’s the power of Goodreads.

Every once in a while you unexpectedly discover a great book, and this is one of those books. Despite the disclaimer saying this is NOT a dark read, I was very hesitant about reading this book based on the title and cover. Captive books usually aren’t my thing. This book is in fact a story of finding oneself, and pretty darn funny as well.

 photo Untitled.png

Lily is a sheltered rich girl but her life didn’t start out that way. When Lily and her sister were preteens her dad’s company experienced a boom in business leaving his filthy rich. With the rise in business, so were the rise in threats to the family. More and more Lily found herself with a good book in her room than out with her friends.

One night intruders break into her family mansion and abduct Lily and her sister. I won’t say much more except that not everything is as it seems.

 photo Untitled.png

The mystery in this book was very well done. I always felt the undertone of suspense, even when the main characters were more relaxed in their surroundings. The author did a good job of maintaining the “what’s going on?” issue because she left the reader in the dark for the most part.

I loved both Lily and Nox so much! Normally I like one main character more than the other, but Belle Aurora did such a wonderful job developing her MC’s.

Lily was a great blend of cute and tough. It took her getting kidnapped to realize she wasn’t living her life, that she had been spending it locked away. It became her dream to break out of her situation and live free.

““Books… I can’t live without books. To me, a book is better than any movie. All I need is a good book, my imagination, and I am set free. I’m in literature heaven.”

Nox, he was a badass. He had his sweet moments but for the most part he didn’t take anyone’s shit. He was a bit of a jerk at the beginning of the book, but his devotion to Lily and her safety were what made him swoon worthy. I also think Nox’s issues near the end of the book was great. It made it more believable than him miraculously surviving. He struggled greatly to get back to Lily, a changed man, but a man still in love with her.

“You remember what you said this morning? About it being totally stupid to fall in love with me?”
At that, my eyes open. He adds quietly, “Then you should start calling me a fuckin’ moron.”

This book is humorous, suspenseful and delightful and I encourage anyone and everyone to read it.

“Doesn’t matter where you are, baby. I’ll come for you. I’ll come for you.”

Within These Walls

Within These Walls by J. L. Berg

3.5 stars!

“The truth is, you are far from normal. You are light-years away from the word. You are exceptional. The word normal would be an insult to your very nature.”

 photo withinthesewallscollage.png

Another sweet new adult romance! I decided to read this book after seeing multiple friends giving 4 star ratings so I gave it a chance. While it’s not the most original book around, and I predicted the majority of the plot, this was still an incredibly fun read.

Lailah Buchanan has a congenital heart disease, her heart is too large for her body. Lailah has spent a lifetime in hospitals and longs for a more normal life outside the constricting medical walls. Jude is a CNA, he took the job at the hospital after a tragic accident three years ago in which his fiance was killed. Jude is a shadow of his formal self and lives day to day. Upon being switched to the cardiac wing, Jude meets Lailah and the two become fast friends. Over time, the two begin to develop stronger feelings.

 photo Untitled.png

It’s funny that I enjoyed this book so much, I actually can’t wrap my mind around it. It has a bunch of aspects in it that I don’t normally like.
-predictability–> check
-instalove–> check
-cheesiness (but not a lot)–> check
-recycled plot–> check

…and yet, this was so good! All of these aspects were easy to ignore, the book as a whole being delightful. I honestly think this is a testament to J. L. Berg as an author, because I fell in love with both Jude and Lailah and was rooting for them as a couple the entire book! This is very much a feel good romance for those of you out there looking for a lighter book to brighten up your day.

Lailah as a main character was perfect; she had been dealt a shit hand in life, and yet she still wanted to live it to it’s fullest. Things that we all take for granted everyday, like the ability to walk through sand or go to a school dance, these are all things that Lailah strived for because her condition took away these small pleasures from her. And Jude was the perfect man to help her find a way to live her life.

Fans of sweet romantic new adult reads, this is the book for you! Everyone else, give it a try!

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You and Everything After

You and Everything After (Falling #2) by Ginger Scott

3.5-4 stars!

“Sometimes, we meet people that set our shit right. And you were like a bullet. You pierced straight…right about here.”

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This was such a sweet book! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first book in this series, it was a little too cheesy for me. But when I saw that Cass and Ty were getting their own book I HAD to read it, because they were so great in the first book.

Cass has MS (multiple sclerosis) a disease that affects the nervous system and is often unpredictable. College is a fresh start for her, one where she can live without other people knowing about her condition and where she can escape her less than stellar past. Ty was in an accident at the age of sixteen when he became a paraplegic. Ty is the brightest guy in the room, always the life of the party, the one to crack a joke. Behind his facade he has darker feelings, anger, regret longing, but he hides them from everyone else.

Both Cass and Ty meet at a party, and then later discover that Cass has signed up for personal training sessions with Ty at the school gym. The two have immediate chemistry, but both of their pasts have the potential to haunt their future.

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I really enjoyed this gem of a book. It was the perfect amount of sweet without venturing into the cheesy zone. And believe me, I hate cheesy romance. I loved how complex Ty and Cass were as characters, and that this book focused on their personal struggles in addition to the romance between them. The two of them understood each other in a way that most people didn’t get, and it made them the perfect couple.

This book paralleled the first book, This is Falling, so as readers we got to see what Ty and Cass were going through while Rowe and Nate had their drama. One of the best parts of this book for me was seeing Paige through Cass’s eyes. Paige was portrayed as sort of a vapid bitch in the first book, so I like that we got to see another perspective of her and get some reasons behind her actions and choices. She’s not the best sister, and not the best of friends, but she really was trying to do what she thought was best. I’m actually really looking forward to her book.

This is a fun, sweet, New Adult romance that had me smiling through it. I think technically you have to read the first book before this one, but since I didn’t like that one as much, I say skip it. I think the reader could understand what’s going on.

PS: Paige and Cass are from my hometown. Woo!!!