You Were Mine

You Were Mine (Rosemary Beach #9) by Abbi Glines

3.75 I hate myself for loving these books stars

“Things worth having don’t come easy. You have to fight for it until you’re tired of fighting, and then you take a breather and fight some more.”

 photo youweremine.png

You Were Mine is an Abbi Glines book I was excited to read. I’ve noticed as an author she has the rare ability to make me like a character I’ve had doubts about previously. Bethy is the perfect example of this. To be honest, it’s been so long since I’ve read the first books in these series, Bethy and Jace’s relationship never really stood out to me. And I honestly didn’t even remember who Tripp was until it was mentioned he was the dude who sent Della to Rosemary Beach. Because of this, I feel like I got a fresh start on these characters.

Eight years ago, Bethy and Tripp had their own summer romance when Bethy was 16 and Tripp was 18. They met at a party, and decided to become friends. Tripp and Bethy never told anyone they were hanging out, and when romantic feelings developed, they didn’t say anything in fear of Tripp going to jail.

Tripp desperately wanted to escape the rich world built for him in Rosemary Beach, and he need to leave. Tripp just couldn’t take Bethy with him. The plan was to have her wait for him and then leave together when she was 18, but things went wrong and Tripp lost Bethy.

Eight years later and Tripp still loves Bethy, despite her hatred of him. Bethy lost her boyfriend Jace, Tripp’s cousin, in a tragic accident and has been slowly been wasting away with grief. Tripp finds he cannot leave the girl he loves to wither away, so he does his best to watch over her.

“It matters to me that you’re safe.”

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I think that this is the one of the most sad and angsty books Abbi Glines has ever written. Bethy’s inner struggle with her grief and regret was so heartbreaking. All of her friends tried their best to help her, but it was a battle she needed to fight on her own, but having their support helped. Tripp was an amazing hero with a heart of gold. He was never really the “bad guy” even with the mistakes he made 8 years previous because he was just trying to do what was best for him, and for Bethy.

This was probably the best installment for me in this series. Honestly this series has just been getting better with each book. Don’t kill me people, but the Blair and Della books were solid 3 star reads for me, but with Harlow and Bethy, we got something a little more complicated than the typical romance, and I like it. Sometimes with Ms. Glines books they can seem repetitive or cheesy. I didn’t get either one of those things when reading this book. Yes, it’s a chick book, and a guilty pleasure read, but it was a wonderful story and a great break from reality.

My only issue was I felt like the flashbacks were cut off short. They were very present at the beginning and then suddenly gone. It didn’t flow as well as it could have I guess. But otherwise this was a great read.

Looking forward to the next book, which doesn’t come out until April 2015. Boo!


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