My Beloved

My Beloved (Thin Love #1.5) by Eden Butler

4.5 Oh My God KONA YOU IDIOT stars

“Only you, Wildcat. Only you could give me this. Only you could make my heart this damn full.”

 photo 1.png

My Beloved is a short story that picks up a few months after the end of Thin Love. Kona and Keira are getting married and finally having their happily ever after. Except, the wedding is kind of a disaster and the paparazzi won’t leave Keira and Ransom alone.

I loved this short story if only because Eden Butler delivered all of the feels. Lots of love, angst, desperation and anger from all over the map in this one. This short story shows that Keira and Kona have to fight for their HEA, it’s not something that comes easily wrapped up at the end of the last book.

Kona was for sure a gigantic jackass in this short story. Like a true guy, he didn’t really understand how badly he fucked up until it all blew up in his face. I could not get over what an oblivious idiot he was being in his choices, especially because he seemed terrified and insecure about Keira leaving him.

One of my favorite tiny aspects of this book was the closure Keira was able to come to in regards to her relationship with her mother. In the previous book she seemed so evil and uncaring, but this novella proved that Keira’s mom really did love her in her own messed up way.

I mentioned this in my last review, but I’ll say it again. I HATE how Keira calls Kona “Bebe”. I always without fail imagine the little girl from South Park who developed early. So .5 points off for that. But that’s just one of my weird pet peeves.

“I lost you once, Keira. It cost me decades. It cost me a lifetime of memories with you, with my son. I’m not doing that shit again.”


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