The Saint

The Saint (The Original Sinners: The White Years #1) by Tiffany Reisz

4.5 stars

“You’re not a normal priest, are you?”
“My God, I hope not.”

 photo thesaintcollage.png

I LOVE LOVE this author!!! I know going into any book she’s written I will read something original and something that will suck me in right from the beginning. I love her writing style.

The Saint is the sort of prequel to the Original Sinners series. Nora finds herself in Germany, grieving, and ends up telling the tale of how she and Søren met. I am so glad that Tiffany Reisz wrote this book, and although I know you’re techincally not supposed to, I wish I had read this book before reading The Siren.

I know lots of you loved Søren right from the beginning, but it actually took until The Prince for me to like him, and that was the flashbacks from his school boy days. Plus, in The Siren the negative opinions of Wesley and Zack are so prominent, I feel like it influenced my original opinion of him. I loved Søren in this book (for the most part). I found him insightful, caring and at times, hilarious.

“Well, a priest is better than a eunuch for advice, then. I’m guessing you still have all your original parts.”
“Warranty included.”

In this book I really grew to love Søren and Nora’s relationship. I had only liked Søren previously because of him and Kingsley (love them together). I still like Søren and Kingsley more than him and Nora.

“When you hear music so beautiful it gives you chills, those are angel wings brushing against you.”

In this book I grew to hate Nora’s mom. I honestly think that Nora was a victim of neglect because her mother didn’t care about her, like at all.

Why not 5 stars? I had an issue with something Søren did. When he basically abandoned her for one year after she acted “childish”. Whatever, the punishment did not fit the crime asshole. Good for you for teaching her you wouldn’t be there for her when she needed you most. Ugh.


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