Nine Minutes

Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn

Fuck it. I’m giving this 5 stars. This was the most morally conflicting book I’ve read in a long time. I basically had to throw almost every single one of my morals out the window for this book. And I can’t stop thinking about it.
I’m not an avid reader of all of the mindfuck books, but I know this isn’t the usual mindfuck that readers of that genre expect. (Btw sorry for the excessive use of the word “fuck” but it’s helping me process this book).

Ginny is 15 years old when a biker offers her a ride home. Instead of bringing her to her house, he drives her to the Satan’s Army compound, where she discovers that she’s being offered as a gift to the head honcho Griff. Ginny is given a new name, Kit and told to basically forget about her life before the MC.

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For my own poor brain, I’m going to have to break this review down by character.

Ginny/Kit: One thing I keep reading in other reviews is how surprised people are that she didn’t try to escape despite a few opportunities to do so. When you look at where she came from, with a mother and a stepfather who weren’t cruel, but didn’t really seem to care about her I can kind of understand how she decided to stay. At the club, she had people who cared about her (albeit in their own sick and twisted way) but she really wasn’t ignored or neglected like she had been at home.

Ginny without a doubt had Stockholm syndrome. There’s really no denying it, but what I thought was interesting was how she ignored all of the bad things in order to remain somewhat sane. Every time she saw something horrible or heard about it after the fact it was a huge emotional trauma. So I sort of don’t blame her for choosing to remain oblivious when it was a survival skill kicking in.

Grizz: This is the man who brought out all of my morally conflicted thoughts when reading this book. Was Grizz a bad guy, the villain? Yes. Did he treat Ginny horribly? NO. In fact, Grizz never really hurt Ginny directly. She ended up being hurt because of him, but he always treated her well and with respect (except for one instance but it was explained later). Grizz may not have been the hero of the story, but he could have been much much worse of a man to Ginny considering all of his other crimes.

I couldn’t help but compare him to other MC leaders in popular books. I don’t usually compare books to each other, but comparing these characters with Grizz really helped me make up my mind about whether or not I liked him.
Now don’t go and stab me with your pitchforks ladies, but I HATED Tack from Motorcycle Man. He was technically a “good” guy but he treated his woman like shit and ordered her around and she just took it. Did Griff do this to Ginny? No. The only orders he gave her were for her safety. And for almost all of their relationship, he put Ginny’s wellbeing ahead of his.

The other character I wanted to compare Grizz to was Deuce from Undeniable. Another MC guy that I fucking HATED because guess what? he treated his woman like shit and cheated on her all the time. In Undeniable the age difference is very much present, like 20 years or something and it was gross. I liked that in this book, we know the age difference is great, but it’s never explicitly stated. So for me, it wasn’t that gross because I could picture a guy 10 years older than Ginny instead of 20 or 30 years older (vomits).

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One of my favorite realizations when reading this book was the absolute devotion Grizz had for Ginny. He knew that he took her, and that legally he could be punished for it. Grizz lived every day knowing that he could lose Ginny. The police could come and take her, she could try to run away, someone would eventually recognize her. The worst being his actions could scare her away from him. But he loved her, so he did his best to treat her well and to show her how he felt. He knew he had to appreciate her while he had her.

I will warn that there are many triggers in this book. There is rape, murder, torture, and other difficult content. But I feel like if I could stomach it, you could because normally these issues are hard limits for me. Just know that this is a story like no other, so give it a chance.

Thanks Feifei for recommending this one to me!


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