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Sparrow 59 (The Sleepers’ Coalition #1) by Devon Ashley

4 stars!!

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Samantha and Drew are members of a specialized CIA team called Sparrow, a team dedicated to retrieving stolen medical research that is being sold on the black market. Samantha and Drew are posing as a married couple in order to maintain their cover, but in secret, the two are a couple in real life as well.

After a successful mission, Samantha finds herself the sole survivor of an attack on the entire Sparrow team. Except for Drew who has completely disappeared. The evidence suggesting Drew may be a traitor keeps piling up and Samantha must decide whether or not to believe in the man she’s in love with, or to label him a defected agent like everyone else already has. That’s when Drew activates a beacon that only she can see, and she must make the choice to go to him or not.

I don’t even know where to start. This book surpassed any expectations I had. By that I mean I didn’t really know what to expect from this book and I immensely enjoyed what I read. This was a thrilling story that sucked me in right away and didn’t let me go. I read the first half of the book in one sitting and ended up only getting 4 hours of sleep because I had stayed up reading!

Sparrow 59 is not strictly a romance novel nor is it strictly a spy novel, there was a bit of both mixed in to make it the perfect combination. I’m not normally a spy or thriller novel kind of girl, but I really enjoyed the plot in this book. As readers we get a fast paced plot with the added bonus of a great romance! The romance is a bit cleaner than most New Adult books, but it was a sweet one that had me rooting for the characters from Chapter 1.

“You call that a catch? They need to send you back to knight-in-shining-armor school.”

“And they need to send you back to charm school. A thank you would have sufficed.”

Devon Ashley’s greatest strength as a writer is in her characters. Despite not knowing a lot about Samantha or Drew I was able to connect with them right off the bat even though I really have zero zip zilch in common with them. Even the side characters (who shall remain nameless so as not to ruin the plot) had me growing attachments to them very easily.

I can’t really go into my favorite parts of the book without giving away any spoilers, but I will say that there is a twist that Devon Ashley threw in the book that pulled at my heartstrings for the majority of the story. You just have to read it yourself to know what I am talking about.

I will give you one big warning though, this book ends on a semi-cliffhanger! I know people are strict about that so I felt a warning was necessary, but I still urge you to read the book if you don’t like cliffhanger’s anyway and make up your own mind.




I leaned over and kissed his lips, and as far gone as he already was, his lips still kissed me back.

“Thank you for not letting me fall.”

His mouth lifted slightly to the left. Softly, he replied, “I’d never let anyone hurt you. Not even your clumsy ass.”

“I’m not clumsy,” I replied defiantly, “my dress just happened to outmaneuver me, is all.”

His smile was pressed tight, and his chuckle stayed put in his throat. “Always the fault of something else,” he jested. “Just admit you’re a klutz and I’ll consider letting you have your way with me.”

“Oh, lucky day!” I sassed in dramatic fashion. “Admit a fault and win a night in a nasty bed with a guy who’s currently broken.” With a strong southern accent, I added, “How will I ever refuse such a desirable offer?”

“Smart-ass.” I didn’t even have time to laugh before he wrapped me up and flipped us, reversing our positions. But instead of finding my lips, his head collapsed over my shoulder, the rest of his body locking up. His mumble sounded downright painful. “You might be right about the broken part.” He hissed through his teeth, groaning as he carefully rolled back off.

Now will you take a pain killer?”

“God yes,” he said on a heavy exhalation, his face still cringing.

I went to grab two from the stash in the medicine cabinet and he swallowed them dry. “Maybe tomorrow.”

As if. He was going to be broken for days. I ran my fingernails through his short brown hair. “Tomorrow we’re having dinner with Jeanine and her new boyfriend.”

He winced and moaned, but this time it wasn’t because of the pain.

I knew he was going to have that reaction, but I hardly ever asked him to do this kind of thing. Jeanine was the only person I had a friendship with outside the CIA, and I only became friendly in the first place because she lived behind us. I could only turn her down for dinner so many times, you know? “You promised!”

“Do you have this so-called promise in writing? Because I think this’ll be one of those times I require proof beforehand.”

My hands went directly to my hips. “Then I guess you should’ve paid more attention to those wedding vows you agreed to. Sorry love, but you’ve agreed to pimp yourself out on a permanent basis, and you have no one to blame but yourself.”

He lazily rolled his head back and forth on the pillow. “I don’t suppose there’s a way to barter myself out of this? Cleaning duty? All day unlimited shopping spree?” He smile was completely devious when he suggested, “Full body massage by yours truly?”

I bit back the smile fighting to take over. “So not going to happen.” Though the massage was definitely tempting.

“Damn it,” he muttered. Childishly, he added, “I won’t go.”

“It’s cute that you think you have a choice,” I replied, playfully tapping him twice on the cheek.

Closing his eyes, he slowly whined, “Fuck me,” finally conceding defeat.

“I tried, remember? You’re broken.”


***ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***

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