Forever With Me

Forever With Me (With Me in Seattle #8) by Kristen Proby 

3.5 Final stars

“I’ve been slowly falling for you for a long time, and I’m afraid I fell the rest of the way in love with you last night, and you’re so much more than my darling. You’re my treasure.”

 photo foreverwithmecollage.png

Well guys, I just had to sneak in another book when I was supposed to be working on my finals. **shrugs sheepishly** I had been planning on waiting until the holidays to purchase and read, but in my defense, this happened:

 photo 4evawitmeh.png

I got to meet this sweet author! (By the way, she is super nice. I highly recommend going to one of her signings if you get the chance).

Anyways, Forever With Me is the final installment of the With Me series. sniffle <— OMG keep it together Rachel! ….And now you’ve convinced your readers you’re nuts!

I digress.

This book is about party planner Alecia and the long lost Italian brother Dominic. Dom has made it clear in the past that he’s interested in Alecia but she’s brushed off all his advances. With a little help from our favorite due Natalie and Jules, Dom is nudged in the right direction of how to pursue Alecia without her thinking he just wants in her pants.

There’s only one problem: Alecia doesn’t believe in love.

And that’s all I’m going to say about the plot folks. I thought this was a sweet ending to a series that has fulfilled my check box in the guilty pleasure shelf. Dom was a great hero and Alecia a wonderful damaged heroine. I got my angst fix and everything.

So why not 4 or 5 stars then? You ask. Well, the first 4 installments of this series I really liked and even loved. Unfortunately after book 4, Rock With Me, the books became a little too cheesy and formulaic for me to give any higher of a rating. I do commend the author for sticking with a series this large and remaining true to her characters and themes, but a part of me is glad she is moving on from the Montgomery’s and giving her readers something new.

So thank you Ms. Proby for giving us a lasting romance series that celebrates men treating women the way they should be treated. Bravo.

“Intimacy is who you wake up thinking about at three in the morning, It’s talking about your hopes and fears in the dark. It’s the one person you give your undivided attention to when ten other people are fighting for it. It’s that person, always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are.”


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