Presently Perfect

Presently Perfect (Perfect #3) by Alison G. Bailey

5 “perfect” stars!

“It was in the moments between the words, that said the most. That’s when your heart did the talking.”

 photo presentlyperfect.png

So I didn’t even know that Noah was getting his own book until the day it came out. I’m not normally a big fan of the guy’s POV books, but this book is the exception because there were so many times when reading from Amanda’s side of the story, that I wished I knew what Noah was thinking. I one-clicked as fast as humanly possible and began reading right away, even though I was supposed to be working on my graduate school finals.

Present Perfect is one of my favorite books and you must read that one before reading this book, or certain scenes won’t make any sense. This first book was a giant ball of angst, and this book was too! (By the way, I love angst, so this series really hits the spot for me).

This book begins when Noah and Amanda, or Tweet as he calls her, are about 13-14 years old, and Noah has just discovered that his friendly feelings for Tweet have grown to a level that is more than friendly. I loved that we got to see Noah’s side on many memorable moments from the first book, and his motivations and actions make more sense once you know what he was thinking. Present Perfect was about Amanda and her insecurities holding her back, and Presently Perfect I feel was about Noah loving Amanda despite the hell she put him through, and fighting for true love when it was running away from him.

So, for those of you who read and liked the first book, I highly recommend you read this one. There isn’t much “new” stuff, mostly Noah’s POV, but it’s well worth the read. And for everyone who hasn’t read this series, I recommend the first book but ONLY if you like angst.

PS: The only thing I didn’t like was this book cover. Pardon me, but that is NOT how I pictured Noah. Excuse my pun, but it is a giant No-No.


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