Love, in Spanish

Love, in Spanish (Love, In English #2) by Karina Halle

4 “Oh Mateo” stars

““Our love is permanent and she is stardust in my hands.”

When I read Love in English I thought that it had ended perfectly. When I saw there was a book from Mateo’s POV I thought it would be his perspective of LIE, until Ms. Halle assured the readers it wasn’t a repeat but a separate story. And since I basically trust Ms. Halle because she’s never let me down before I dived into this book, and boy was I glad I did.

Vera and Mateo are back together despite all of the odds against them at the end of the previous book. But they don’t have their happily ever after yet. Both Mateo and Vera have to face off against the paparazzi, the judgement of other people in their lives, angry ex-spouses, and possible deportation.

The thing I loved most about this book was that the love Vera and Mateo have for each other is supportive . Vera supports Mateo in his actions, encouraging him to take on a new challenge. Mateo supports Vera in her endeavors to discover who she is, whether it be a girl who works in an office, a student, or his future wife. Both Mateo and Vera want what’s best for the other person, and that’s what true love is folks. If someone loves you, they will support and guide you and not hinder your progress.

This was a thoughtful, sweet and insightful addition to the Love in English series (volumes?), and I highly encourage you to read this one if you are a fan of the first book.


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