Echoes of Scotland Street

Echoes of Scotland Street (On Dublin Street #5) by Samantha Young

5 stars!

“Cole. Cole Walker.”
“You sound like a hero.”

 photo echoesofscotlandstreet.png

I LOVED IT!!!! Samantha Young is the one author where I don’t care about the nitty gritty details, I love everything this woman writes and will most likely always give her books 5 stars.

Echoes of Scotland Street is about Shannon, a girl who has been dating all of the wrong men and is tired of choosing the bad boys. After an extremely bad breakup that led to even more horrible things, Shannon finds herself moving from Glasgow to Edinburgh where she lands a job as a receptionist at INKarnate, the most regarded tattoo shop in Scotland. There she meets her new manager Cole Walker, a man she met briefly before when they were teenagers.

“Cole Walker. Cole freaking Walker. All grown-up. And he was my new manager. I was so screwed.”

After having been burned so many times before, when Cole starts flirting with Shannon, she makes the wrong assumption and tells him off. It isn’t until later that she realizes that Cole Walker is the furthest thing from a bad boy.

I really loved this addition to the On Dublin Street series. Hannah and Marco had a great story but I felt there was so much unnecessary drama in that one, that I was worried it would be in this one. Yes there is drama, but I felt it fit the story well based on the lives of the characters Young wrote.

“I will never do anything you don’t want to do. You’re safe with me, Shannon.”

Shannon is a spunky heroine who’s just been beaten down one too many times. I loved her journey to find herself again, and Cole was the perfect man to help her. Shannon had lost so much of herself, that every time Cole broke down a wall it was beautiful to watch. The part where he finds her art? Beautiful.

Cole. Mhmmm Cole. Can we get more American men like him? I’m beginning to think that I need to move to Scotland to find a man like that (well twist my arm on that). When Cole finally learns about all of the shit that her previous boyfriends put her through, he’s understanding and kind.

“I need to know. I need to know so I can try to reverse all the damage they’ve done.”

Only 2 teeny tiny issues with this book. One being near the end I felt Cole could have been a bit more understanding about the pickle Shannon was in. But there wouldn’t have been angst/drama if he had so I accept.

The second thing: No me gusta the cover.The covers on these books were fine until book 4 and now they’re not so good.


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