Sweet Filthy Boy

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

4 filthy French stars

“Life is built of these little horrible moments and the giant expanses of awesome in between.”

 photo sweetfilthyboycollage.png

Sweet Filthy Boy starts off with a bang, in which Mia our heroine, takes a graduation trip to Vegas where she meets a sexy frenchman Ansel, and the two get married. Mia ends up following Ansel to France, where he returns to work and is hardly around. Mia finds herself mostly alone, in a foreign land, when she decides to make the most of her summer in Paris and with Ansel.

Mia spends most of her time looking at famous places like the Luxembourg Gardens:
 photo sfbluxgardens.png

(^^^Holy crap I need to get my ass back to Paris, I missed this when I was there!)

And the Eiffel Tower:
 photo eiftow.png

^^^Geez, Mia had it sooooooooo rough in France. NOT!!

Anyways, I gotta say I loved me some Ansel. He was far from perfect, but he tried . Ansel did his best to make things work out, and although he made some shitty decisions, his intentions were always for what he thought was best for his and Mia’s marriage.

“He’s the guy who’ll do a ridiculous robot dance to make you laugh, who’ll lick the tip of your nose, make a fool out of himself for a smile. I’m sure if I tried to wrestle him to the ground, he’d let me win. And enjoy every minute.”

The instalove thing didn’t bother me that much, because that’s what I come to expect from a guilty-pleasure read like this one. Also, I don’t really consider it instalove because the characters struggled throughout the entire book to connect with each other and tried to take the time to get to know each other.

“I want to love all of my life as much as I love this night.”

My main issue with this book? The role-playing. Ugh, nothing makes me cringe worse than role playing. Sorry guys, this is a personal preference and I made ick faces when it happened. I did my best to overlook it. I understand the point that the author was trying to make, where Mia had to pretend to be someone else to be comfortable with herself, but I could have done without. The only thing worse than role-playing would be if she called him “daddy” and praise Jesus she did not do that!

The pacing of the book was off. Near the middle of the book I started to get bored. And by bored I mean the entire middle of the book was about Mia and Ansel having sex, and to be honest, I started to lose interest. When a book is driven by sex scenes and not by the characters, that’s when I want to quit. It’s the biggest issue that I had with Beautiful Bastard; too much sex, not enough plot. Luckily, the beginning and end of this book was actually about the plot and driven by the characters, so it was a success in my book.

I do feel the big reveal should have happened a lot earlier on in the book because the ending felt very rushed and could have had more of a smooth transition. I’d also like to know if Mia and Ansel really can make it work, it was very unclear to me about that at the end, long term future I mean.

Overall, this exceeded my expectations because I hated Beautiful bastard, so bravo to the writing team that is Christina Lauren. Wonderful job ladies!


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