Misbehaving (Sea Breeze #6) by Abbi Glines

2.75-3 I didn’t see any “misbehaving” stars

“I knew that, without a doubt, I had just been ruined.”

Before any of you attack me, Abbi Glines books are purely a guilty pleasure read for me. I may not rate them very high, but I do enjoy reading them. And I continue to read them because they are a nice little escape from reality and Ms. Glines writes some amazing angst. She just recycles her plots and uses too much instalove. I’m sorry, but I can’t rate anything higher than that. It’s a guilty pleasure read y’all!

Anyways, Misbehaving is the story of “bad girl” Jess and Jason, the rock stars brother. From the moment the two of them meet, it’s love. No really, I’m not joking. The plot went: they meet, they have one date, and on that first date they had sex. And after they have sex, Jason thinks this:

“At some point she’d become my sole reason for breathing.”

Me at this point:
 photo untitled1.png

AND THIS WAS AFTER HER PUTTING OUT ON THE FIRST DATE!! (Great lesson there, I’ll be sure to take notes).

“I could tell she was one of those ridiculously gorgeous southern blondes. It was like the South had some special ingredient to raise them like that down here.”

Anyways, neither one of the two MC’s are really equipped for a real relationship, so they mess up quite a bit along the way. Like, really mess up. But it was entertaining to me.

I’m also not a huge fan of the Cinderella story, so a rich man soaring in and saving the day with his dick and money don’t really do it for me. Oh well, on to the next one!


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