Near and Far

Near and Far (Lost and Found #2) by Nicole Williams

4 ***I cannot believe I waited a year to read this*** stars!

“Thank you for saving me Rowen.”
“I didn’t save you, Jesse. I just helped you remember how to save yourself.”

I am literally kicking myself. I cannot believe I held off reading this sequel for a year!

Near and Far picks up fairly soon after Lost and Found. Rowen has moved to Seattle and been going to school for her art, and her and Jesse have been making it work long distance. As time goes by, different issues and people begin to get in the way of Rowen and Jesse’s relationship, and they must decide if staying together is the right thing.

“I should have known better than to assume that once I’d found the woman I wanted to spend my life with, everything would just fall into place.”

I absolutely adored this book. It started off fairly slow, and at times was a bit predictable. The added plot of Jax and Jolene creating a love triangle (wait, if it’s 4 people it’s a love square right? Whatever, I don’t know). It felt a little unnecessary, but it did help to drive a wedge between Rowen and Jesse.

I was fairly surprised at how much darker this book was than the first one. Near and Far brings up Jesse’s past life before he was adopted, and the things that were done to him were horrible! Watching him try to swim through the memories of his past was heartbreaking.

The biggest surprise was the development of Garth into a decent guy. After book one, I think we all suspected he was one underneath, but just like Rowen, Garth lets his past and his issues build up a wall between him and anyone else. I am really looking forward to reading his story!

“If you really love someone, you love them in spite of their fuckups.”

The thing that brought this up to a 4 star rating for me? The angst. OMG THE ANGST. I love good angst, and I will take decent angst over a well-written steamy scene any day. And boy did this book deliver.

This was a great book about two people who need to overcome their past in order to have a happy future, and I loved every minute of it.

“I’ll love you either way. Just the way you love me.”


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