Beautiful Oblivion

Beautiful Oblivion (Maddox Brothers #1) by Jamie McGuire

4.25 stars!

***This is the book for all of you who did not like Beautiful Disaster!***

 photo beautifuloblivioncollage.png

Beautiful Oblivion is the story of Cami and Trenton. Trenton is the older brother of Travis ‘Mad Dog’ Maddox, and has had a thing for Cami since they were kids. Upon a random night where they reconnect and hang out at a bar, Cami and Trent become friends. The one problem? Cami has a boyfriend, her T.J. Thus begins the sweet tale that is Beautiful Oblivion.

“I was just thinking now was as good a time as any to acknowledge that you’re perfect and it wouldn’t suck if you fell madly in love with me anytime soon.”
“I have a boyfriend.”
“Speed bump.”

So yes, this book has a “love triangle” in it. For those of you who don’t like love triangles, let me put it this way: This is Diet Love Triangle. All of the lovely, sugary taste and less calories. This triangle is nothing on the level of Thoughtless, and I think most people would agree it was obvious who the winner would be in the long run. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When I said this was the book for those who didn’t like Disaster, I meant it. While there is angst and drama in this book, I felt the main characters still remained mature (to a certain level) and Cami was in no way a doormat to an abusive guy. Not physically, not mentally.

“I’ll stay here as long as you let me.”

Trenton all around is a great guy, and in my opinion, ten times a better guy than that brother of his. There was also a lot less unnecessary drama in this book. Any drama that occurred fit with the plot, and was not excessive.

Trenton > Travis

I sucked this book up like it was brain candy, reading pretty much all day on independence day (cause ‘Murica, lol). Like the first book, once you start reading you get sucked in.

Yes, this follows a similar character formula, but most author do this anyway (Cough, Kristen Ashley) so I’m not going to sit here and get angry about that. The formula, quite frankly, works.

“Comfortable? I’m fucking cashmere.”

My only issues with the book:
-I was a bit confused near the end with some of the “mystery” about TJ, I had to think about it a while before the last page finally made things clear.
-That weird 5 year old. She really wasn’t that cute.
-Cami’s stupid first tattoo. UGH.

I find it ironic that I finished this July 4th, the same day as Trent’s birthday.

Happy Independence Day everyone!


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