Bang (Black Lotus #1) by E. K. Blair

3.75 stars

Bang is a revenge mystery novel. Would I call it a romance? Kind of. In my opinion, two of the main characters don’t even know what real love is.

Warning! This book was DARK. And like most dark books, the plot is better left a mystery to the reader, so I won’t go into it here. This review is strictly what I liked and didn’t like.

The writing. OH MY GAWD, the writing was amazeballs! This author managed to capture my attention and I couldn’t stop reading until the very end when it was 4 AM and my eyes were trying to close. I was riveted, wanting to know what would happen.

I really liked Declan the most out of all the characters, but viewing him through the MC’s eyes made me feel like he was a bit of a sucker. I’m sure if the book had been written from his POV we would have had an entirely different story. Hey, that’s an idea. E. K. Blair, can we get some stories from Declan’s POV? Pretty pretty please?

I was torn throughout most of the book on what I wanted to happen, just like Nina.

And that ending? COME ON! I am getting so darn sick of cliffhangers. I may start boycotting books with them. Anyways, there is really only one thing I wanted to know about in the next book, so I may just wait for everyone else to read it, and then read the spoilers.

Hope y’all enjoy this one!


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