Everbound (Everneath #2) by Brodi Ashton

5 Ever Yours stars!

Everbound begins a couple of weeks after the events of Everneath. After her boyfriend Jack sacrifices himself and is sent into the tunnels of the everneath, Nikki makes it her mission to rescue Jack from what should have been her fate. To do this, Nikki must go to the everneath, and she needs the help of Cole, the everling who instigated this whole mess. Surprisingly, Cole is willing to help Nikki, and both of them set off on a dangerous journey to reunite Nikki with her lost love. Along the way Nikki recounts stories of her and Jack, which helps form a tether in the everneath which will lead her to Jack.

I admired Nikki’s determination in this book. Where she had been sort of a weakling in the first book, she developed into a fighter in Everbound. She fought many difficult obstacles to get to Jack, and suceeded where many other people would have given up.

“I was not losing Jack. I would not lose him.”

I loved how the author began to “humanize” Cole in this book. In the last book he seemed to be strictly The Bad Guy, but in Everbound I found myself wanting to know more about him. As a reader, his love for Nikki becomes more prevalent and believable in this addition.

“It’s not love. It’s a need. He needs me because he thinks I can become the next queen. He doesn’t love me.”
“You really can’t see it, can you?”
“See what?”
“He has a tether too. And it points right at you.”

I thought the love triangle was very well done. I am usually a fan of the underdog, which in this case would mean Cole. Despite the character development of him and the lack of Jack’s presence on page, I found myself rooting for Jack instead of Cole. Like, I am a t-shirt wearing fan of #TeamJack. I think this is because Jack suffered through so much in book one of Nikki being gone (and it being Cole’s fault), and then his self sacrifice. His actions just makes him a character you have to root for. Don’t get me wrong, Cole is all kinds of interesting. I just don’t want him to get the girl.

And that ending? Boy am I glad I waited to read this series until all of them were published. Mini-cliffhanger!!!


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