Beautiful Broken Promises

Beautiful Broken Promises (Broken #3) by Kimberly Lauren

3.75 stars

“You know I thought when I truly fell in love that my mind would only think about that girl and there wouldn’t be anything else. But that’s not how it works at all. Everything around you becomes important because all of those things could potentially take you from me.”

This book was an unexpected yet wonderful surprise! I read Kimberly Lauren’s Beautiful Broken Rules a while back and fell in love with it, leading me to read anything that woman writes.

The plot. Well, I can’t tell you. Honestly. This book is much better for the reader because at about 13% the author throws the reader a big one! I mean, I was really not expecting that. I feel like I should’ve seen it, but I didn’t. Anyways, this book is about Lane, the best friend of Audrey from book 2 Beautiful Broken Mess (which is also wonderful). Lane has a secret he’s been keeping for years, and everything is about to come clean. That’s all I’m going to tell ya because I’m evil like that.

Lane was always a mystery in Mess, so it was great to get some background information on him. I loved watching him grow and develop as a character in this book. The heroine, who shall remain unnamed, went through some crazy shit and I admire her for how she handled everything she went through.

Overall I was enthralled with the first half of the book much more than the second half which is why the rating is 3.75 stars. I felt there was a little too much instalove in this and a slow burn like the other books would have been preferable.

Technically this book can be read as a standalone but considering it has characters from the other two books in it, I highly recommend reading those first. The reader gains much more from the story this way.


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