Gone Girl

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

2 stars

“There’s a difference between really loving someone and loving the idea of her.”

Well, that was a colossal waste of my time. This book is a perfect example of why I hardly ever delve into the mystery genre.

“Friends see most of each other’s flaws. Spouses see every awful last bit.”

Gone Girl is the story of Nick and Amy. Nick and Amy are a married couple who moved from New York to Missouri after losing both of their jobs.

 photo gonegirltown.png

Nick comes home one day and discovers the front door wide open and signs of a struggle inside.

 photo gonegirlcrimescene.png

Upon investigation, Nick tells lies and acts strangely and suspiciously. As the days continue to pass without any sign of Amy, the police begin to turn their focus on Nick…

 photo gonegirlsmile.png

***I will say, I think that the movie casting is perfect. So no collage casting in this review. David Fincher did well….

I truly believe that if you intend to read the book, you need to go in completely oblivious. So please, if you are planning to read this at all, DO NOT READ ANYTHING IN MY SPOILER SECTION BELOW. Thank you.

“Can you imagine, finally showing your true self to your spouse, your soul mate, and having him not like you?”

Many people have told me that I only guessed the surprise because I knew it was there. I find that incredibly insulting to my intelligence, because I guessed it fairly early on in the book (about 50 pages in) and the only reason I kept reading instead of quitting was to see if I was correct or if it was a different twist. I wanted to see what was so damn special about this book. Personally, I felt it was fairly obvious but I also went through a giant mystery book genre binge when I was in high school. It’s not an original plot people. Just watch CSI, Law and Order SVU, and more. The plot of this book was very similar to the beginning of the movie Double Jeopardy in which Ashley Judd is convicted for the murder of her husband only to find out later he faked his death. Sound familiar???

“There’s something disturbing about recalling a warm memory and feeling utterly cold.”

This book also perfectly explains why I stay away from the mystery genre, because 90% of the time, it’s fairly obvious to me “who done it”. I have a hard time watching crime shows anymore because there’s a formula to it, and it’s pretty darn easy to pinpoint who committed the crime based on the information given. And based on the information given in this book, there were only so many directions in which this book could have gone.

I mean, it practically says it all in the title. The title is not “Dead Wife” it’s “Gone Girl”, which implies that she is gone and not dead. So going into the book knowing there was a twist did not help me figure it out. I will say however, the enormous amount of hype surrounding this book made me feel incredibly underwhelmed. And by this I mean, my expectations when starting this book had me thinking I’d be riveted from the beginning until the end. Instead, I had to push myself to keep reading. I knew the beginning was slow, but in fact, the entire damn book was slow. I found myself skimming toward the end just to see what happened and so that I could finally be done with it.

I also don’t understand why Amy was all insulted that her husband didn’t love the true her, when she always pretended to be someone else? What was she expecting? He would fall in love with one woman and then be happy to be married to a stranger? I mean obviously she was a ginormous sociopath, but it seems weird to me that someone that brilliant could lack the common sense to know that if you change yourself from the ideal into reality, lots of people may not be down with this!

And WTF was that ending? It seems like the author didn’t know how to end a story like this. It’ll be interesting to see how the movie ends, because she was the screenwriter and supposedly she rewrote the ending. So at least readers of the book will be surprised.

I will say though, bravo to the author on the character building and development of Amy. That bitch is fucking crazy! I mean, she literally made me feel sick to my stomach for the entire final ¼ of the book. *shudders*.

So if you don’t read much mystery, I think you might enjoy this book.

1 star because it was interesting, another star because it was written well = 2 stars total

“Love makes you want to be a better man. But maybe love, real love, also gives you permission to just be the man you are.”


This Is Falling

This Is Falling by Ginger Scott

3-3.5 stars

 photo thisisfallingcollage.png

Sadly, I don’t think this was the book for me (sorry Jasmine! *hides* lol).

This Is Falling is the story of reclusive Rowe, yet another new adult heroine who does not see that she is amazing and has the popular hot guy fawning all over her within a matter of minutes. Normally I’m all for the damaged heroine plots, but for some reason this one didn’t really stick with me. Maybe if the author told Rowe’s story earlier on in the book I might have cared about her issues more? Anyways, this is the story of how Rowe and Nate meet and fall in love within a 3 weeks time period.

“And it happens all at once—just looking at him, I fall in love. But it doesn’t matter—because I can belong to no one.”

Don’t get me wrong, this book was really sweet and I did enjoy it, but it didn’t have much of a wow factor for me. So, I liked this book, but did not love it. I didn’t find anything particularly special about either of the MC’s and honestly, Nate just always seemed too goo to be true.

“I’m not angry at Rowe, I’m angry at myself for falling for her—for falling for a girl who can’t let herself be mine to love.”

What I did love about the book, was the side characters Cass and Ty. I am pretty darn excited that they get their own book! But on the subject of Ty…. Why the hell was he on the third floor of the dorm and not the first? I would think it’d be an issue if he couldn’t get to and from his room because the elevator broke down. (I lived in a 9th floor dorm room, believe me when I say that the darn elevators actually do break down in dorms!) Sorry to rant, but that really bugged me.

This book was also way too much instalove for my taste. So in the end, I would say this book was enjoyable, but I didn’t love it. I think other people other than me would thoroughly enjoy this and I’d have no problems recommending it.

“You are the face in all of my dreams and the smile I see when I close my eyes. Your voice when you sing in the shower late at night, when you think you’re alone, is like music to my ears.”

*ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


Wrecked by Emily Snow

3.25 stars

 photo wreckedcasting.png

Wrecked is the story of Evie, a college student repeating her freshman year at another school because of all the mistakes she had made the previous year. A music major, Evie is partnered up with a mentor who will help coach her through voice lessons. But she has a problem. Evie has met Rhys, her mentor. before and he doesn’t remember her. But he is connected to one of the worst moments of her life…

I enjoyed reading this book, but a number of aspects about it made the book fall flat. For one, the romance/relationship between Evie and Rhys felt very forced to me. There was obviously an attraction between the two of them, but the “relationship” happened very quickly and there was no building up to it. For the beginning of the book the main character spent more time dealing with the issues of everyone around her than she did with Rhys, and then they jumped right in like she had been around him all along, and she really hadn’t. The two didn’t even know each other, and then all of the sudden they were enamored with each other.

Despite this, the book really picked up in the second half, and that’s where Evie as a character really began to grow. She dealt with her painful past and did her best to become a better person, even if she was hiding things from Rhys that as a reader, we knew would come back to bite her in the ass.

I almost never mention this, but there were a few typos that took my focus away from the book. I’m not normally one to nitpick this, but since this wasn’t an arc, and it happened more than 3 times, it really started to get on my nerves. So hopefully they go back and fix these small mistakes if possible!

An enjoyable read, but nothing astounding.

Bad For You

Bad For You (Sea Breeze #7) by Abbi Glines

3.5 stars!

“You don’t just fit into my world, Blythe. You are my world.”

I love stories with a damaged heroine! I know that probably makes me really messed up but who cares?!

Bad For You is about rock star Krit, who was introduced in the previous book. After Jess broke his heart, he decided he was no good in relationships and vowed not to have another one. But when his new shy, innocent neighbor moves downstairs he’s fascinated.

Blythe moved to Sea Breeze with a plan for a new life. The people who raised her hadn’t shown any interest or love in her, and she’s eager to move on with her life and become a writer. Sea Breeze is the perfect opportunity, if only her neighbors would stop throwing loud parties until the early morning.

“I was completely obsessed with her. Addicted wasn’t a strong enough word. She had surpassed my addictive tendencies, and I was full-blown obsessed.”

I liked this one a lot more than the last book, because it was alot less cheesy to me. Plus the characters were friends first and actually got to know one another before falling for each other. There was attraction between them at first, but not insta-love, which is much better. Plus, Ms. Glines brought good angst again, that’s what keeps me reading!

“For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re fucked up. I think you’re perfect.”

Blythe I loved as a heroine because after everything she went through growing up, she decided she wanted more out of her life, and she went for it. No complaining, only hesitance in social scenarios where she was uncomfortable.

“I’m not sharing. You’re mine. No one will touch you but me.”

And Krit was so sweet, I was glad he got his own book.

This would have been a 4 star rating instead of 3.5, if it hadn’t been for that bit of racism at the end at the 93% point. YES, it was racist to have the only black character talk that way and say those stereotypical things. I mean, come on! I felt it was incredibly unnecessary and not entirely relevant to the story.


Misbehaving (Sea Breeze #6) by Abbi Glines

2.75-3 I didn’t see any “misbehaving” stars

“I knew that, without a doubt, I had just been ruined.”

Before any of you attack me, Abbi Glines books are purely a guilty pleasure read for me. I may not rate them very high, but I do enjoy reading them. And I continue to read them because they are a nice little escape from reality and Ms. Glines writes some amazing angst. She just recycles her plots and uses too much instalove. I’m sorry, but I can’t rate anything higher than that. It’s a guilty pleasure read y’all!

Anyways, Misbehaving is the story of “bad girl” Jess and Jason, the rock stars brother. From the moment the two of them meet, it’s love. No really, I’m not joking. The plot went: they meet, they have one date, and on that first date they had sex. And after they have sex, Jason thinks this:

“At some point she’d become my sole reason for breathing.”

Me at this point:
 photo untitled1.png

AND THIS WAS AFTER HER PUTTING OUT ON THE FIRST DATE!! (Great lesson there, I’ll be sure to take notes).

“I could tell she was one of those ridiculously gorgeous southern blondes. It was like the South had some special ingredient to raise them like that down here.”

Anyways, neither one of the two MC’s are really equipped for a real relationship, so they mess up quite a bit along the way. Like, really mess up. But it was entertaining to me.

I’m also not a huge fan of the Cinderella story, so a rich man soaring in and saving the day with his dick and money don’t really do it for me. Oh well, on to the next one!


Landline by Rainbow Rowell

3.75 to 4 stars!

“I love you more than I hate everything else.”

 photo yellowphone.png

Landline is the story of Georgie, a sitcom television writer in LA on the verge of getting her own tv series to write, along with her best friend Seth. When Georgie tells her husband Neal that she can’t join him and the family in Omaha for Christmas, he does the unexpected and leaves with their kids without her.

“Nobody’s lives just fit together. Fitting together is something you work at. It’s something you make happen – because you love each other.”

After Neal leaves, Georgie goes to stay with her mother. In her old room, Georgie makes a call to Neal in Omaha, and discovers that she is talking to Neal in 1998.

“Neal didn’t take Georgie’s breath away. Maybe the opposite. But that was okay–that was really good, actually, to be near someone who filled your lungs with air.”

After realizing that she isn’t crazy, Georgie continues to speak to 1998 Neal, to find out where they went wrong. Georgie begins to wonder, would their lives be better if they hadn’t gotten married?

“Wasn’t that the point of life? To find someone to share it with?”

I liked this book a lot more than I liked Attachments. At this point, I’m pretty sure that Fangirl will be my favorite Rowell book, but Landline is her best adult fiction book to date. I think if I had read this before the book After I Do, I would have liked it more, because they are pretty similar. Landline just has the added aspect of the magic realism (time travel via phone).

“How does anyone ever know whether love is enough? It’s an idiotic question. Like, if you fall in love, if you’re that lucky, who are you to even ask whether it’s enough to make you happy?”

Overall it’s a good read, maybe even a good beach read. Chick-lit lovers will enjoy this book.

Poison Study

Poison Study (Study #1) by Maria V. Snyder

4 ‘My Love’ stars

“Trusting is hard. Knowing who to trust, even harder.”

Set in a harsh world where death is the punishment for murder, no matter if it’s manslaughter or self-defense, Poison Study is the story of Yelena, a young woman who was sentenced to death for murder. After spending months in prison, she is yanked out and informed that since the Commander’s taster has died, she will take his place as a food tester, to help detect poison in the Commander’s food.

“Poisoned, pursued and living with a psychopath. Not what I would consider the good life. Death has its perks.”

I really enjoyed this little book. For a high fantasy YA novel, it was very original in it’s plot and the main characters were very interesting. Valek for one was a mystery I was happy to attempt to solve. Valek was the assassin in charge of teaching Yelena about poisons and how to detect them. At first he seems like a total jerk, but as the book moves on, we uncover layers of his personality that make him a great hero.

“Yelena, you’ve driven me crazy. You’ve caused me considerable trouble and I’ve contemplated ending your life twice since I’ve known you. But you’ve slipped under my skin, invaded my blood and seized my heart.”

Overall a very enjoyable read, and hopefully the other books in the series are good too 🙂


Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

3 e-mail snooping stars

“Every woman wants a man who’ll fall in love with her soul as well as her body.”

Attachments is the chick-lit story about Lincoln, the IT guy whose job it is to read other peoples’ email at a newspaper. Unhappy and unsatisfied at this job, Lincoln begins to read the emails of Beth and Jennifer, two writers upstairs, because they have the most interesting things to say. Over time Lincoln realizes he’s done the stupid thing, fallen in love with Beth over her emails.

“There are moments when you can’t believe something wonderful is happening. And there are moments when your entire consciousness is filled with knowing absolutely that something wonderful is happening.”

Very cute story, I just didn’t love this one like I loved Rowell’s YA masterpiece that is Fangirl. This book moved really slowly, and while it did pick up near the end, we didn’t get THAT MUCH of an ending. The book was all buildup and very, very small pay off.

“I’d know you in the dark. From a thousand miles away. There’s nothing you could become that I haven’t already fallen in love with.”

One of the biggest issues I had was the description of Lincoln. At first she said he looked like the Brawny guy, so I was thinking this:
 photo brawny.png

Then much later in the book he’s described as looking like Jason Bateman:
 photo jbate.png

At this point I was like this:
 photo doesnotcompute.png

Plus, we spend most of the book reading about how “lost” Lincoln is and how he needs to get his life together. By the end, in order to get his life together, he gets a new job, goes back to school (which I saw as reverting, because he had gone to school for 10 years because he didn’t know what to do), moves out, and dates a girl. All things he easily could have done at the beginning of the book.

I did enjoy the shoutouts to the late 90’s, as that’s when this book is placed, but overall this book was fairly boring, and was saved mostly by Rowell’s sense of humor.

If you are considering reading Rainbow’s books, I would start with Fangirl. That’s the best of the two I have read by her so far.

“I didn’t know love could leave the lights on all the time.”

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Dust to Dust

Dust to Dust (Experiment in Terror #9) by Karina Halle

“I love you! Always have, always will. Always.”

 photo dusttodust.png

I still remember quite clearly the day I first picked up Darkhouse while I was serving jury duty. I had seen some rave reviews from one of my favorite Goodreads reviewers (Kristin (KC), for which I thank you), and I didn’t know what to expect. I literally read the first two books while sitting in that room, waiting to be selected or sent home, and from then on, I was hooked.

Ms. Halle created an original universe that cannot be replicated, and sent me on a journey that will stay with me the rest of my life, as will the characters of Perry and Dex. These books have made me feel so many different emotions this last year of reading them: terror, angst, happiness, sadness, anticipation, and comfort.

In the final installment, Dust to Dust , an unexpected threat attacks the life that Dex and Perry have begun together. I can’t say any more than that, you just have to read it.

“This was not how I imagined our engagement would start off.”

Once again, Karina Halle did her best to give me nightmares that only years of counseling will eradicate. Mirrors are going to be a little bit difficult for me to be around for a while after this book. Plus, that House of Hell? Way to combine scary shit with the added fear of not being able to escape! (And I loved every second of it!)

“When you’re my wife, I know I’ll be a good husband so as long as I never let you forget that, that you, only you, just as you are, are my reason for being.”

Dust to Dust also brought to the table that wonderful sense of humor that I enjoy so much. The amount of times I laughed equaled the amount of times tears came to my eyes reading this.

“And how do you know about blood play?”
“I read kinkier books than you do.”

This book was a perfect end to a perfect series. It’s hard to believe that this series is 9 books! I could easily and happily read another 9 about Perry and Dex.

“I wanted joy, forever. I wanted her forever. I wanted all the wonderful things that life was giving me and I wanted them over and over and over again.”

Some of my favorite moments from the series:
Red Fox: “Less dog breath.”
Dead Sky Morning: That tent scene. YOU KNOW what I’m talking about!
Lying Season: Quite honestly, the ending. Masterfully written, I am constantly rereading it.
On Demon Wings: The entire damn book. That one was my favorite.
Into the Hollow: Twatwaffle.
Ashes to Ashes: Duckspunk.

If you haven’t read these books, pick them up now. Many people have told me that they are hesitant because it’s paranormal romance. Ignore that. All you need to know is that these books are awesome, no matter what genre slot people put them in. Plus, the first book Darkhouse is FREE on amazon. So what are you waiting for?

Watching Dex and Perry grow, from strangers meeting in a lighthouse, to a couple so in love they would do anything for each other has been such an incredible voyage, and one I would happily take again and again and again. So this leaves the question, what am I going to do without any new Derry in my life?

(And I so totally ugly cried when I finished this book. It’s actually pretty embarrassing).

Last of all, thank you Ms. Halle for these books. Just, thank you.

“Are you ready to become Mrs. Dex Foray?”
“I always have been.”

After I Do

5 stars!!!!

After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

“Just because you can live without someone, doesn’t mean you want to.” 
 photo afterIdocollage.png

I love, love, loved this book!

After I Do is the story of Lauren and Ryan, who have been married for six years, and together for eleven. When they first got married, they both thought their love for each other would conquer everything. As time went by, they both began to drift apart, to the point where they’ve fallen out of love.

In an effort to save their marriage, Lauren and Ryan resort to the unconventional: a trial separation of 1 year in which they cannot contact each other, no matter what.

“Isn’t it nice once you’ve outgrown the ideas of what life should be and you just enjoy what it is?”

Going into the book, I had my reservations about it. My reservations were mainly about the fact that I’m not married, therefore how could I connect with the characters and their marriage problems? This book is a testament to Ms. Reid’s fantastic writing skills, because I related to this book more than I thought I would, and I fell in love with their characters, and their faults.

I loved that even though the book was from the point of view of Lauren, we still gained some insight into what Ryan was doing through his unsent emails to Lauren. Most of the emails “exchanged” broke my heart and caused tears to come into my eyes more than once.

And even though it wasn’t a main part of the book, I loved all of the Los Angeles tidbits that were included. I can relate/laugh at all of them because I’m a resident, and they’re so true. For example:

-the whole issue with what street to take to get somewhere? That’s an everyday thing here. Watch SNL’s “The Californians” when you get the chance, it’s pretty accurate.
-Burbank IKEA! It’s across the street from my local Barnes and Noble, so it was an awesome shoutout to my hometown 🙂
-The dodger stadium issue: My dad and I once lost our car in that parking lot. It took us over an hour, and much bickering to find it, so I was literally laughing out loud at that part in the book.
-Rose Bowl flea market (which is awesome)

This book about an unconventional love story stole my heart, and I think I’ll be having a book hangover from this special one for a while.

By the way, special shoutout/thank you to Feifei who recommended this. I never would have read it otherwise, so I am very grateful that you did. It’s a beautiful story 🙂

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Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) by Sarah J. Maas

4.25 stars!

“The best lies were always mixed with truth.”

 photo CrownofMidnight.png

After fighting the other champions in the first book, Celeana has been made the King’s assassin, and has being doing his bidding for a couple of months now. When the King orders Celeana to assassinate a childhood friend of hers, Celeana discovers a rebel plot that could have dire consequences. Lots of plot twists and turns, rebel spies, evil royal politics, and a ton of action, this is a truly great fantasy novel for readers of all ages.

“Why are you crying?”
“Because,” she whispered, her voice shaking, “you remind me of what the world ought to be. What the world can be.”

After I finished Throne of Glass, I had no idea where this series would go. I was pleasantly surprised with the direction the author took with the plot and the character development.
Not a perfect 5 stars like the first book because I got a bit bored and skimmed a bit near the end. But this is shaping up to be an incredible series, and I look forward to the next 4 books. Too bad I have to wait for them.


Opposition (Lux #5) by Jennifer Armentrout

4.5 Luxen stars

 photo opposition3.png

What a truly great ending to an amazing series! Opposition takes place after the events of Origin, and if I many be so blunt, a lot of shit goes down in this book. This isn’t a full review, because I don’t want to put spoilers out there, but if you get the chance, you should read this series. Even if you don’t like YA, if you don’t like aliens, it doesn’t matter because this is a wonderful series penned by a very talented author. So read the damn books!

Some thoughts:
-for those of us who bought the paperback, I feel like the cover sparkles even more than Edward Cullen does.
(view spoiler)

“I know there were many times when I didn’t deserve you, especially with the way I treated you in the beginning, but I plan on using every second to make up for that.”
“You already have. Many times.”

 photo opposition2.png

Ugly Love

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


So, I am in the obvious minority on this one. I tried to like this one, I really did. I’ve always enjoyed Colleen Hoover’s books, up until now. And while all of you are sharpening your pitchforks, I’ll also have to add that I didn’t love her last book Maybe Someday either. So stab me.

Ugly Love is the story of Tate and Miles, who are neighbors and form a friends with benefits relationship soon after meeting. That’s pretty much the entire plot. Nothing much else happened.

Tate was one of the worst heroines I’ve read in a book to date. In my honest opinion, she let Miles treat her like total crap. At one point, he even called her delusional (and I wholeheartedly agree with him!!!).

Miles, despite what he went through (which yes was awful) had no redeeming qualities that I could list other than he was hot, tall and silent. Oh, and he had a nice smile. That’s it ladies. Now drop your panties and swoon!

I also didn’t care for the weird writing style in the flashbacks.

The one positive thing I will say, is that for the most part despite me not liking this book, I couldn’t put it down. Colleen Hoover still has the attention span stealer going, so yay. I guess.

Here’s my casting for Tate:
 photo doormat.png

Near and Far

Near and Far (Lost and Found #2) by Nicole Williams

4 ***I cannot believe I waited a year to read this*** stars!

“Thank you for saving me Rowen.”
“I didn’t save you, Jesse. I just helped you remember how to save yourself.”

I am literally kicking myself. I cannot believe I held off reading this sequel for a year!

Near and Far picks up fairly soon after Lost and Found. Rowen has moved to Seattle and been going to school for her art, and her and Jesse have been making it work long distance. As time goes by, different issues and people begin to get in the way of Rowen and Jesse’s relationship, and they must decide if staying together is the right thing.

“I should have known better than to assume that once I’d found the woman I wanted to spend my life with, everything would just fall into place.”

I absolutely adored this book. It started off fairly slow, and at times was a bit predictable. The added plot of Jax and Jolene creating a love triangle (wait, if it’s 4 people it’s a love square right? Whatever, I don’t know). It felt a little unnecessary, but it did help to drive a wedge between Rowen and Jesse.

I was fairly surprised at how much darker this book was than the first one. Near and Far brings up Jesse’s past life before he was adopted, and the things that were done to him were horrible! Watching him try to swim through the memories of his past was heartbreaking.

The biggest surprise was the development of Garth into a decent guy. After book one, I think we all suspected he was one underneath, but just like Rowen, Garth lets his past and his issues build up a wall between him and anyone else. I am really looking forward to reading his story!

“If you really love someone, you love them in spite of their fuckups.”

The thing that brought this up to a 4 star rating for me? The angst. OMG THE ANGST. I love good angst, and I will take decent angst over a well-written steamy scene any day. And boy did this book deliver.

This was a great book about two people who need to overcome their past in order to have a happy future, and I loved every minute of it.

“I’ll love you either way. Just the way you love me.”

The Prince

The Prince (The Original Sinners #3) by Tiffany Reisz

“You alone of all the men and monsters in this world terrify me.”


The Prince gave the reader a chance at seeing Nora and Søren apart and with other people, and it made me so damn happy!!!
Why did it make me happy you ask? Because 99.999999999% of the time, I root for the underdog. And The Prince, was all about the underdogs Wesley and Kinsgley getting their chance at the ones they love.

Nora goes off to Kentucky with Wesley where she does her best to discover what being in a “vanilla” relationship with Wesley would be like. And while it’s not perfect, it’s still pretty damn great.

“Wesley, I liked who I was when I was with you. You make me a different person, a better person. And then you were gone and that Nora was gone, too.”

Meanwhile, Søren and Kingsley investigate a lurking threat, and we gain insight into their past relationship from Kingsley’s flashbacks. I know everyone loves Nora, I do too, but I have to be Team Kingsley on this one. I love that man, and I really hope he gets some sort of HEA.

Nothing much else to add, this book was awesome! I am so glad I waited to read these so I could binge read them all at once.