Sometimes It Lasts

Sometimes It Lasts (Sea Breeze #5) by Abbi Glines

The continuation of Cage and Eva’s story, following on the end of Just For Now. Eva and Cage are happily in love and making plans on starting a new life together in Tennessee, when tragedy strikes. Eva must remain in Alabama, and she makes Cage go off to college to fulfill his dreams without her. Over time, the distance takes its toll, and the two find themselves where they never thought they would be: apart.

This book was a sweet, yet angsty story. I know for many she is a favorite, but Ms. Glines is my choice guilty pleasure author. I normally wouldn’t like a book like this, but something about how it’s written sucks me in and keeps me reading when I normally. Is it the most original plot? No. Do I care? Not a bit. Abbi Glines could recycle the plot for Emma and I would still read it.

In most other reviews I’ve read about this book people have said they found this book unnecessary, and I disagree. Not everyone has a cut and dry happy ending. Life happens, shit happens and we all need to get our act together and pull through it and that’s exactly what happened in this book. The circumstances may seem extreme but most relationships suffer hardship and Cage and Eva were not the exception.

The one thing I did not love about this book was the reconciliation. I feel Cage did a fair amount of groveling, but Eva didn’t. She knew his emotional issues, and she used them against him when she was hurt. And then she never apologized. So I would have liked to see more groveling on her end.

I also think Jeremy deserves his own book if he doesn’t have one already. Asap!

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Because I can’t live without you. However you allow me to have you is what I will take.”

“It’s time we start our always.”


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