Beauty From Love

Beauty from Love by Georgia Cates

-Please read Beauty from Pain first! ^^^

Alas, the best book in this series was the first one. Beauty from Pain was something special and the following books have not lived up to it (in my opinion).

To be fair, I am not one for the lovey-dovey happily together romances, I love intrigue and angst. That preference fits perfectly with the first book but not books 2 and 3.

Beauty from Pain picks up right after Beauty from Surrender with Jack Henry and Laurelyn on their honeymoon. Big Surprise! (Not really) she gets knocked up. Like every other book in NA with a marriage plot where one character wants a baby and the other doesn’t. They continue with their boring, cheesily happy married life and basically live happily ever after.

Now I make it sound like I hated this book, but I didn’t. I maintain that Georgia Cates is a fantastic author and I would happily read any of her other books, and will probably reread Beauty from Pain in the future, but I felt like I already read this plot in other NA romances. To me, this book tied up loose ends that did not need tying.

But really, read Beauty from Pain by this author, it’s AMAZEBALLS!!!


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