Faefever by Karen Marie Moning

WOW. What an ending! Book hangover for sure.

Note: This review will be more of a summary than an actual review, fyi.

I don’t think I loved this book as much as the others, because for me, this was 250 pages of build-up. Most of the book was Mac investigating things and not getting any answers, and while it tied into the end of the book, it became very frustrating when all I wanted was answers.

That being said, it was wonderful, I pulled a 2am-er to finish this book and then immediately wanted to read the next book, so I did! Love Mac, love Dani and I adore Barrons. That MacHalo dancing scene? HILARIOUS!

Questions still unanswered as of this book:
What is Barrons?
Will Mac find the Book/Beast?
Can Mac trust those around her?
Is there a way to defeat the Shades?
… and many more.

Gotta say I am devouring this series, hopefully I’ll be done soon because I gotta know what happens!

faefever collage


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