Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning

First off I gotta say how glad I am that this is a completed series and that I acquired all of the books at one time, because if I had read that cliffhanger and then had to wait I would have thrown a hissy fit.

Second, this book had me keeping a small notebook at hand to take notes. Me. This is something I never do, and that’s how I confirmed what I already knew: that this series is something special.

This book started off very interestingly, I liked seeing things from Dani’s perspective. Then we get Mac in the midst of her, umm….. troubles. With what Barrons did for Mac, the lengths he went to to “get her back”, were in a way incredibly sweet. We saw a whole new side to him at the beginning of the book with Mac’s struggles and I kind of want some of his POV on that situation, because all we had was Mac’s very biased one.

Leading to the rest of the book, I loved the angst that developed between Mac and Barrons toward the middle. I know this romance is a slow burn but my god, get together already!!! I also had started thinking at the beginning of the book about how Mac journaled and how it made me want to do that (despite not having quite as interesting world subject matter that she had), and lo and behold I started taking notes on the book. I think I’ll continue doing this because it’s helping me remember my thoughts, so thank you Mac! Lol. I loved the change in the world that this book brought, the first three books are very much a “before” scenario, and Dreamfever brings about an “after” post-apocalyptic book that changed the tone of the entire series, in a good way. I love that the author went for it and made something even better out of what she already created. The Unseelie do not hide anymore, they are out in the open and you better watch out!

Another thing I really liked about this book was we finally got some answers about Mac’s biological family. Not a lot, but at least some. So at least Mac’s lineage was somewhat answered.

Overall I loved this addition to the series, I love that things are moving forward and I am excited about reading the last book.

Questions still unanswered that I hope will be answered in Shadowfever (and believe me, I was writing these down):
-What is Barrons?
-Who really killed Alina?
-Where is the book? How can it be caught?
-Who was the 4th prince?
-Where does Ryodan fit into everything?
-Can we trust Rowena?
-Can the walls between the worlds be closed?

Some of my favorite quotes from this one:

“Do you think the heart only follows blood?”

“Don’t lose yourself in anger. It’s gasoline. You can burn it as fuel, or you can use it to torch everything you care about and end up standing on a scorched battlefield, with everybody dead, even you-only your body doesn’t have the good grace to quit breathing.” 

dreamfever collage


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