Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

I am kicking myself as I type for not reading this series sooner! A truly engaging and riveting book, I devoured it whole and am already itching to read the next one.

Darkfever is about Mac, a Southern girl who discovers that her sister was murdered while studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. After the police make no progress, Mac decides to fly herself to Dublin to search for the killer and for answers to all the questions surrounding Alina’s mysterious death. Along the way, Mac stumbles upon the world of the Unseelie; mythical and awful creatures that couldn’t possibly be real, but they are. Mac also finds information from the intriguing Jericho Barrons.

I loved the world building in this book. This reminded me a bit of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, the idea that there is a hidden world right in front of us that only special people are able to see. I’ve been to Dublin myself, and my experience of it was a light, friendly city that was magical in a magnificent way and not a dark city as it was described. But the added note of how many bars there are in Dublin, so frickin true!

Mac is a kick ass heroine, I loved reading her thoughts and actions as the books went on. I also loved Mac’s determination to avenge her sister’s death, and her determination to battle all of the opposing forces that fought against her. Mac never gave up, and to me this makes her admirable.

Jericho Barrons… I don’t know what to think of him yet. To me he is very much the anti-hero; dark, mysterious, dangerous, alpha male. There aren’t enough words to describe what he is. I look forward to learning more about him in the other books in this series.

Incredibly writing, incredible plot. I highly recommend to readers who like Urban Fantasy and Mystery books. Romance was a bit lacking in this book, but I assume there will be more of it in the rest of the series

Below is my casting of Mac, before and after her “makeover”

df collage


First Drop of Crimson

First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost

A spinoff from the Night Huntress series, this is the story of Denise, Cat’s friend, and Spade, Bones’ friend. When Denise watches her cousin murdered right in front of her by a supernatural being, she tries to get in contact with her friends Cat and Bones for help, but they are unreachable taking time off in New Zealand. Instead, Bones’ old vampire friend Spade decides to look into Denise’s dilemma, but isn’t quick enough when the demon comes back and brands Denise with marks and infusing her with his essence. Bottom line? Denise must find a long lost relative and return him to the demon, or he’ll kill her entire family.

I liked this book, Denise and Spade both had such a tragic past and it was nice to see how their relationship developed with all of their emotional obstacles. Some of Frost’s humor came through in this book, but the loss of the banter between Cat and Bones was too noticeable. So an enjoyable read, but not my favorite in these two series.