Everneath by Brodi Ashton

A modern day mythology retelling of Persephone, Everneath is about a teenage girl named Nikki who has Returned to the surface from the Everneath after spending hundreds of years there. In surface time, this was only six months, and now Nikki only has another six months to say her goodbyes to those she loves before she returns to the Tunnels, forever this time. On top of all of this, the man who first convinced Nikki to follow him into this horror, Cole, is set on having Nikki be his queen in the Elysian Fields. Seeing as this would cost lives Nikki fights against him. As her six months returned wind down, Nikki flashes back to the events that led her to make the choice she did and she tries to make amends for those she wronged when she left.

Brodi Ashton is a terrific author with a fantastic writing style. I know people say this all the time, but I really was sucked in from the first page. I pretty much spent all day Memorial Day devouring this book to see what would happen to Nikki and her ex-friend/ex-boyfriend, Jack. Riveting plot and a very cool twist on Greek mythology, Ashton sets herself apart from other teen authors with her debut novel.

I prefer the first half of the book to the second half, but that’s just because I adore angst and the first half was full of it! Plus, I loved trying to figure out the puzzle that was Nikki and Jack’s relationship and where things had gone wrong for them. Jack became the hero that Nikki didn’t believe existed, and he makes it hard for readers to go back to real like with non-fictional men.

Anyways loved it! And all of y’all should read it. Like now.


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