Tiger’s Curse

Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

Tiger’s Curse is the story of Kelsey, a girl in Oregon who gets a part time job at the circus and discovers a white tiger named Ren. A strange connection forms between the two of them and so Kelsey is hired to help bring Ren back to India. Once arriving there, Kelsey discovers that Ren is actually a man trapped in a tiger’s body for the last 300 years, and Ren needs Kelsey to help break the curse that was inflicted on him and his brother Kishan.

The descriptions and imagery in this book were wonderful. I loved reading about the myth and the tale of the curse. The dialogue was… meh. I kept thinking “wow, most of this would be better as an inner monologue and not dialogue.” And Kelsey? One of the most annoying female characters I have ever read. Ren as a tiger had a lot of personality. Ren as a man made me wish that he was back in tiger form because he was so boring.

So basically this book had a lot of potential, but got a low rating from me due to bad dialogue writing and an unbearable main character. I still somehow enjoyed it, but I guess I expected more. My casting below:

Tiger's curse


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