Nearly Mended

Nearly Mended by Devon Ashley (Nearly #2)

Nearly Mended takes place about three months after the events of Nearly Broken. Megan and Nick have gone into hiding, fearful that Megan’s abductor, Zander, in the previous book, will find her and take her again. Megan is still suffering from the trauma of her second abduction, seeing as she actually remembers this last time and not so much the first one. The beginning of the book is spent with Megan and Nick doing their best to reassure themselves they’re safe.

Well, this book turned even darker than the first one FAST. Again, like the first book, this book is best read without knowing too much going in. I’m just going to say this book went to dark places that I didn’t expect. In fact I was nauseous for a good part of the book it was so damn dark.

After finishing the book I did my best to compile my thoughts and how I felt about it. I give it a 3 out of 5 stars because I did like it, and the author’s writing style is amazing, but overall this book just really isn’t my thing. I do think other people would enjoy this book a lot more than me, so don’t let the three star rating fool ya. I don’t normally read this sub-genre and really only did because the first book doesn’t reveal itself for what it is until you’re already sucked in. I also primarily read this because I wanted to know what happened to the characters, as they’re pretty compelling.

Kudos to Devon Ashley for having such a wonderful writing style, this woman deserves more recognition for her hard work. Normally when I read new adult or romance it seems like a 10 year could have written better, but this couldn’t be further than that. Maybe if Ms. Ashley wrote in another genre I’d be compelled to read her other stuff. As it is, I will not be continuing this series. I need some happiness in my life, lol.


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