Nash (Marked Men #4) by Jay Crownover

4.25 accepting yourself stars

I think I fell in love with this book before I technically began reading it. In her note at the beginning Jay Crownover wrote: “Revel in the quirks that simply make you you , and do it with pride.” No better words could be used to describe this book as a whole and it set off a great tone for the entire book.

Nash is the story of well, Nash (duh) and Saint. Back in the day in high school, Saint had a giant crush on the unattainable sexy bad boy Nash. After two bad encounters with Nash, Saint found herself crushed and her image of herself destroyed for many years. The sadder part of this was Nash was completely unaware of how he changed Saint and the course of her life. Now, years after high school, the two meet again at the hospital where Saint works. Both recognize an attraction between them, but can Saint get over her past issues with Nash and herself and give herself fully to him?

Acceptance of yourself was a huge theme in this book for both of the main characters. Saint needed to overcome her insecurities about herself, and Nash needed to overcome a childhood of feeling unwanted. These two characters both understood what it was like to be an outcast, which is one of the reasons why they’re so perfect for each other.

I especially liked Saint as a main character. Was she insecure? Yes. Did I get sick of her second guessing herself? Yes. But, she’s real. I really think she’s a character that many girls and women could connect with because most of us went through that horrible awkward phase in high school that sticks with us, it just manifests in different ways.

One of my favorite parts about this book was how when Nash fell for Saint, he stuck to his guns. He knew she was the girl for him and he accepted it and stood by it. Kind of like Rome did for Cora. I love that at least two of the men in this series make a choice and stand by it and don’t give the reader any whiplash with their indecision like other books in the genre. Nash truly is a great guy who had to overcome a lot of crap, and that to me is what makes a best book boyfriend (which Nash totally is).

Something I didn’t like about the book (and why it got a 4.25 star rating) was how the relationship just seemed to fly by. There’d be moments where the book would say something like the characters had been spending time together for a couple of weeks and I was like, “where was I when this happened?”. I definitely wanted a bit more of an in depth look at Saint and Nash’s relationship. I felt the previous book Rome did more of this and I think that’s what made me like that one more than this one.

So anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am ecstatic that Rowdy is getting a book as well. Loved the small intro to that one, it’s going to be awesome!!


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