Coming Home

Coming Home by Priscilla Glenn

Where to start with this one… We all know the Mona Lisa right? While I admire the effort it took to create it, I recognize that it’s a great piece of work, but for me, it does not hold the wow factor that it does for other people. That’s what this book was for me. Now I’m not saying this book is the Mona Lisa of New Adult romances novels. I’m just saying I recognize the effort the author made writing this book, I think it’s beautifully written and very well developed, but it really is just not the book for me, personally.

Basic plot: Leah and Danny have a chance meeting and form a strong and almost instant connection between the two of them. Both have a past that haunts them, and it is brought forth for the both of them to deal with. Yet again, this is a book I’ve read where knowing less about the plot enhances the experience as a whole for the reader, so I will not give too much plot summary here today.

What did I like about the book? For one, Danny, the love interest. It’s a nice change up to read a book without an aggressive alpha male who is way too demanding. Danny is kind and thoughtful but not in any way the “nice guy who finishes last” stereotype. Danny is loyal and puts a lot of thought into whether or not he wants to mix his life with Leah’s. As I said, the book was very well written and for me more along the lines of what a fiction writer is and not the writing we’ve come to expect from the romance and new adult genres. This book was also fairly free of angst, so those who do not like it, this is the book for you.

What I didn’t like… The pacing. It was way too slow for my liking and while it suited the book it didn’t suit me. I found myself skimming the book during major parts and not caring enough to go back and thoroughly read it.

I do recommend that other people who are interested in this book to try it, my opinion is just one of many, and many people seem to adore and love this book. Myself, I liked it but didn’t love it. Also, check out Back to You by the author, that’s my favorite work by her so far.


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